21st Oct 2005, 07:25

I just purchased a 2000 Ford Taurus SES when my 96 Ford Contour died on me last week. I love the car and could not find anything better for the price I paid with low mileage, and a great look. My only complaint so far is that the car vibrates and shakes on certain roads and at high speeds. Not too bad, but still very annoying. I had the same problem with my Contour and spent hundreds of dollars trying to correct the problem with brake jobs, replacing rotors, new tires, alignments, etc. Nothing worked. I thought for sure that problem would have been corrected in the newer models, but I guess I was wrong. Has anyone discovered a way to correct the shaking that actually works? I don't want to spend hundreds on this car too and still have the same problem. Please Help!

26th Jan 2006, 20:24

I have a 2001 ford taurus ses and I also have the same problem with my car, I took it to the dealership and they looked at it and told me I had a bent wheel. They said the way the wheels are constructed and heavy weight on the front end when hitting big pot holes can bend it, causing vibration in the front end. I hope I have been of some help.

18th Mar 2007, 12:43

I have a 2001 Taurus SES that we purchased new. It now has 95k on it. Overall it has been a good car, but at 23k miles it developed this same vibration problem. The dealer replaced the CV axles on both sides (thankfully under warranty, otherwise an $850 job!), and later a rotor, but it didn't really help. They even gave us a half-price deal on NEW Michelin tires and even that didn't help!

Two years later, my wife hit a big rock on the road and bent the left front wheel. After replacing THAT wheel and replacing the tires which had worn out by then...miraculously, the vibration improved by 90%.

So it's a weird deal for sure... but I agree with the previous poster who recommended to start with the wheels first instead of tie rods, rotors and such.

Buena Suerte, (good luck)...


21st Apr 2008, 11:19

I have a 2001 Taurus SES with the 24V engine. It now has nearly 99,000 miles on it. All in all, for an American car, it has been very good to me thus far.

I drive it a lot, 20K + miles per year.

I am replacing the rotors as they are warped and causing the steering to shake between 50 and 60mph.

The power steering pump was replaced under warranty a few years ago.

I am not experiencing the vibration problems other posters here have been, other than what the warped rotors are causing.

The rear bearings had to be replaced at about 75K (right after the warranty expired of course), they were making noise. That was $350.00.

The only other problems have been the door locks on the rear doors are now only working intermittently. It seems on a hot day, they won't unlock for some reason now. So, they will need to be replaced. $33.00 each on eBay.

Also, I had to replace the entire thermostat housing unit a few months ago because a small plastic fitting cracked and caused a coolant leak, and the only way to fix it was to replace the entire $180.00 thermostat unit. I did the labor myself. No other problems yet.

I am about to replace the spark plugs and the two serpentine belts at 100K.

Also, as stated by other posters, this car moves pretty good for it's size. The 24V Duratec engine runs smooth and has good power. I have a K&N filter on mine.