28th Apr 2006, 22:27

I don't have an 89' Taurus, but an 88', and this car has had ZERO problems with it. 191K miles on the clock and it still purrs. I had this car meticulously maintained and waxed frequently. The paint is still glossy and the car runs perfect. BUT!! Where are you going to find a person who waxes and polishes their Taurus, probably nowhere, so hence, MOST 80's Taurus owners have a sad looking car.

22nd Jun 2006, 05:23

The one problem with this car is its tranny - it stops going into gear, and only goes into reverse. It takes 2500 to fix.

But all in all, it's a darn good car and lasts a long time.

22nd Jun 2006, 20:05

My folks used to have an '88 Taurus and I kind of would have to agree. It was nice until 120,000 miles or so, then the paint went bad and it started rusting away badly in odd places like around the door handles, and then the transmission went. The interior was flimsy and the plastic door handles broke repeatedly. The motor, however, had excellent power and longevity.

6th Jul 2006, 23:32

I have a 89 Ford Taurus and it runs like a brand new car. BUT the only problem is the transmission slips a bit when going out of 1st and into 2nd. But besides that, she runs as quiet as a new car and has plenty of power for a 3.0!

25th Sep 2006, 13:53

I have an '89 GL. 54,000 original miles. The previous owner had it repainted and trans work completed. I bought it in April, '06. Since then I have had the trans replaced (Ford paid for it since it was still in the 12/12,000 agreement with the previous owner), trans cooling lines replaced, A/C comp. replaced, struts replaced, and the oil pan gasket replaced. "Most" of this was known concerns, at 43,000 miles when I bought the car, save for the A/C compressor. The purchase price was $1,500 and I have spent, on average, $500/mo in repairs. Good deal or not? Well, if it lasts another year or so, sure. However, if expensive parts continue to fail, no.

Giving credit where it is due: The '89 Taurus rides very well and I have gained, on average, around 30mpg/hwy and 22mpg/city. I removed the stock tires (195/14) in favor of tires with more control (235/14) and stability. Keeping in mind tire ratio as not to corrupt the speed.

The interior is in excellent condition: no fading, tearing, wearing, etc. To keep it that way for a while, I threw in some very dark black window tint; legal of course.

Many law enforcement employees in my area have made comment about it looking like an old detective's vehicle. That was not my intention, but I can live with it.

In the end, I have purchased the car twice over the initial purchase price due to repairs. Yes, at almost 18 years of age it goes unchallenged that it may need some repairs. Show me a car that does not need ANY type of service with as many years.

16th Jan 2008, 22:15

No my 89 is in perfect shape everything works I guess I'm just lucky.

12th Mar 2009, 11:13

I recieved a 89 free, it only needs a radio.