7th Jul 2005, 00:31

I think you should put a tank of premium gas in your Taurus. I remember my mothers Taurus stalled on me when I was doing my paper route, and it did not start for a minute. After that I put some premium gas in her and she was fine. Engine: 3.0L V6.

4th Oct 2005, 07:31

My 88 Taurus did the same thing. I replaced the ignition module and coil and haven't had a problem with it yet. They are easy to change and will only run you around 60 dollars for both. Good luck.

4th Oct 2005, 09:30

It has nothing to do with the TYPE of gas in the tank (high octane is simply for high-compression or advanced timing engines - knock inhibitor)...it's HOW MUCH gas is in the tank. In hot weather the fuel pump gets over-heated and shuts itself off - especially when your tank is nearly empty. A lot of fuel in the tank keeps the ambient temperature around the pump much cooler.

Happened to my '92 Taurus a few times before I was told what the problem was.

14th Nov 2007, 17:43

What did you expect from a car that is almost 20 years old? The thing isn't going to run problem free forever,

I don't think even a 20 year old Mercedes would be problem free regardless of how well maintained it was, if it has average miles for the age of it you should expect to have ongoing problems... There isn't a car out there I know about that will be perfect after 20 years of daily driving.

Maybe you should get some antique plates for it and drive it only on Sundays?

31st Jan 2008, 18:32

I finally got to the root of the turn signal problem on my 1988 Taurus GL, after much frustration and changing the electronic blinker module. It was simply oxidation/corrosion of the breaker bracket that feeds it power. It's a little rectangular box that bolts on to the output of the starter relay, along with three other cables. The schematic in the Haynes doesn't show the breaker at all!

If, when your blinkers don't work, but the hazard blinkers do, that's probably it.

23rd Aug 2008, 20:32

Owned 2. These are awesome cars and get great 30mpg, plus both wagons I have owned, one 1988 and 1997. Buy buy by as many as you can before they are all gone. These cars need to be preserved.

Great piece of Ford history, so great they brought it back again just last year's model.

Thanks Mr Ford motor co.