30th Sep 2005, 19:09

It's not exactly a new car, is it?

First commenter - if the car overheats despite everything you've done the head gasket is probably blown.

23rd Feb 2006, 11:33

I own a 1995 Taurus Gl 3.8 with overheating problems, I have replaced radiator, thermostat, fan relay box, and flushed 4 times. it is still running hot, but when I hit the gas on an off it cools down some, also loose heat during this time, but it returns after hitting the gas (water pump is good, heads are good) could it be in the heater core. Steven.

21st Mar 2006, 07:16

I have a 95 Taurus 3.8L and the car has been nothing, but problems!! It only has 80,000 miles and it's on it's third engine. Just recently I had trouble with it overheating and it was due to the fact that my coolant was 3 quarts low. However, they found no leak. Explain that one. This car has left me stranded more times than it has gotten me to where I want to go and the Ford dealership I go to has been nothing, but rude and incompetent. I would NEVER own a Ford again!

2nd Apr 2006, 00:55

To the reviewer and everyone that commented... BEEN THERE-DONE THAT!! There is NO benefit to owning a Ford!!

6th Sep 2006, 21:49

I have to agree with almost all of the comments I have read. The Taurus with the 3.0 is a very reliable car. With the 3.8, well, that's another story. I have owned a Supercharged T-Bird with a 3.8. I know it's not exactly the same engine (it's beefed up quite a bit) but it blew head gaskets twice in the 4 years I owned it. I also drove it very mildly. I also owned a 95 Taurus with the 3.8. I do all my own work and let me tell you after the second set of head gaskets it was time to go. Last, but not least, I have a 90 Taurus SHO with the Yamaha engine and 5 speed. I have 146000 miles on it now. Never had the engine or tranny apart. Yes, it does require maintenance regularly. Any high performance machine does. The struts, ball joints, water pump and most other parts are still original (except for brakes, rotors, belts and hoses). It's a blast to drive and handles very well. So, if you want a fun Taurus, get an SHO and make sure it's a stick not an automatic. Just my two cents.

17th Jan 2007, 21:40

The Ford taurus is the best car ever built and all of your stupid foreign cars can kiss my a$$

17th May 2007, 01:27

I am an 18 year old. This was my first car and it rocks it - the 95 Ford Taurus GL 3.8L. It had 138,000 on it when I got it and it has 267,362 now, and I had to put a water pump and tem thing. Take care of a car it will last forever as my dad always said. He has been driving the same car for 10 years. Guess what it is? Ya, a 1997 Ford Taurus IDK. What the motor is. Maintenance is key. Don't have time - take it to get it done. Don't have time or money then sell your car and get a bike. That is a lot easier to maintain. There. I'm done.

15th Mar 2008, 12:38

I have had a 1994 Sable Sedan, a 1994 Sable Wagon, a 1995 Taurus Sedan and a 1996 Taurus Sedan.

I currently have the 95 Taurus and it's great. It's got about 180,000kms on it and it's running fine with no issue.

My Sable Sedan overheated because my wife drove it for a few months and never checked anything; it ended up leaking coolant (bad hose) and overheating, and the rest is history.

I sold my Sable wagon to get the 96 Taurus (big mistake) as both of my Sables were great cars and the Wagon was rare from what I can find, as it had full leather seats, 3rd jump seat, a power moonroof and a digital dashboard plus the other goodies. Never had any issues with it in the 210,000kms I owned it.

My 96 Taurus was a nightmare; it went through 2 transmissions in 3 years; no idea why, but I scrapped once it needed the 3rd one, plus it had other problems and it had the SOHC 3L V6 engine.

Now my 95 Taurus SE has the 3.8 and it runs great, no issues to complain about. I'm just replacing some age related things such as a muffler and brakes, but it's the first time I've had to do anything to the exhaust, and obviously brakes wear out every 60,000kms or so. Just wanted to put my 2 cents in.

17th Jan 2009, 07:53

The Taurus with the 3.0 engine is a GREAT CAR. Yeah, it appears that the 3.8 engine is a little too much for these cars, aside from the head gasket problems. As for the 3.0, they are great cars. I have had 4 of them and all were reliable except for having to replace the ignition module, (easy fix) and replacing the body control computer in one (another easy fix). Other than that, just wear items.

I bought all my Tauruses with over 90K. A PIECE OF ADVICE! Flush the transmissions in these cars. I never had to replace a transmission in any of my Tauruses. I put well over 100k on all of them and then they were sold. One has almost 300k and is still running. Oh, and I was far from a stickler on maintenance.

11th Aug 2010, 09:07

I have a 95 Ford Taurus and did love it.

Now I am having overheating problems and rough idling problems. That is about it, I have replaced the water pump about 2000 miles ago, have replaced the plugs and wires twice this year. I just can't figure out how to solve these problems with the rough idling, and the overheating.

Is there any advice, I really don't want to get rid of it because I'm a college student, a husband and father who really can't afford a car payment so any advice would be helpful.