1994 Ford Telstar GLEI 2.0L from Australia and New Zealand


Cheap and cheerful to drive, expensive to maintain if you have no DIY skills. Find one with low KMS


I've found that parts from the local parts store (Repco Appco Supercheap) are very expensive for this model, which I suspect if due to it being a rebadged Mazda, this had led to be using suspect second parts in many cases.

Replaced Many parts due to neglect by previous owners.

Rear brake calipers every 5000KM.

Most major problem I've had with this car is the rear brake calipers, they can be expected to seize (according to MX5 website) after 50000KM. I've replaced the RR 3 times and the LR twice, my fault for not investing in a brand new caliper or at least a reconditioned one tho. I have a very cheap wrecker nearby who I can get calipers from for only 18$, whereas a new or reconditioned unit would cost about 150$

Distributor cap, replaced at 159,999 only to discover the entire dizzy was stuffed so then distributor @ 160000 (internal coil failed, replaced with part from wrecker that also failed 5000Km later)

Power steering pump @ 150000 (bought car with shaft to pull wheel bent - perhaps from over tightening of belt tension? - which produced loud noise)

Coin holder to right of steering wheel stopped clicking shut. Cupholder has been replaced 4 or 5 times since I've had it, the little plastic clip in the middle snaps really easily.

Electric window control switch failed at around 180,000KM.

Electronic aerial has failed and I've replaced the shaft 4 times, and also replaced the entire unit twice; the aerial shafts are VERY expensive as new unit from a parts shop, (three times any other unit on the shelf).

General Comments:

This car has made me develop a close relationship with my local Ford wrecker... due to its high KM's and rough life with previous owners, I've become rather intimate with what it looks like up on wheels stands or with the inside of the engine bay.

I imagine it would have been a really nice car before it hit 100,000 KM.

This car handles really well on the open road, she is peppiest from 70KPH-...150KPh, tested on a bring your own car track day, (totally legally :)

She dives into corners nicely, and you always feel like you're in complete control.

The only thing I don't like is the shallow cup holders, they are about 2 CM deep and completely useless, you have to have one hand on your cup when you drive, which renders them pointless.

The boot although cavernous, has a skinny opening, which is skinnier than the distance between the wheel arches, which means that although with the back seat folded down (and it doesn't fold down completely flat) you have a large space, you can't physically get items that wide into the boot.

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Review Date: 8th August, 2009

5th Feb 2010, 03:43

The reason the rear seats do not fold down completely flat is because you have to flip the other part of the seat that you sit on forward. There are two handles at the front under-side of the seat.

1994 Ford Telstar Radisich 2.5 Quad Cam from Australia and New Zealand


A good looking sedan that performs well


Have had the left CV joint replaced, as well as the left boot. Also suspect a slight leak into the boot (trunk) as some water collects around spare tyre. The back of the drivers seat popped off when the inflatable cushion expanded in the sun, and has not fitted well since.

General Comments:

This is (according to Ford NZ) the 'best selling limited edition vehicle in New Zealand' which seems to contradict itself. It is a standard 4 door Telstar sedan beefed up with 16 inch ROH Astron wheels (with Ford inserts) originally with Michelin 205 tyres. The suspension is firm 'Bilstein's all around and handles very well. The interior is light and clean, with a nice leather Momo steering wheel and gearstick. The seats are comfortable, and the driver has an inflatable lumbar cushion. It has a nice body kit, if a little bit standard. The paint is dark blue with a purple pearl - perhaps the nicest colour these came in, and looks in keeping with the newest colours available. It is moderately appointed, without Air Conditioning (not really needed in New Zealand - and this saves on weight). And of course it has Paul Radisich signatures on the boot lid, front guards, and steering wheel insert. All this is standard from the factory. More power would improve the car, moving it more from fast family sedan into the sports car area. It has been on the racetrack a few times, and handles well. The standard break give out too soon (even in road driving), and improved pads have solved that problem (and quite cheaply).

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002