2nd Jan 2003, 04:36

Do you know if there is any difference between AR and AS cylinder head?

3rd Jan 2003, 06:51

This is not a really good idea shaving the head when you are putting the turbo on your car. This is because turbo engines goes better when there is less compression and NA engines goes better when there is high compression. So I wonder how good does it go and at how many PSI do you run it?

21st Jun 2003, 22:26

I own a 1986 GL Telstar, it goes pretty well e.g. no mods done to it and it kept up with a 2L skyline. I was wondering if any one has any information etc on how I can get my hands on either a turbo or a turbo engine for my baby.

Email me at silencer_15nz@hotmail.com


15th Aug 2003, 02:47


I just got given a 84 telster, and I was wondering what I can do to it for real cheap. I want a turbo in it, but where do I get them real cheap?

Comment back if you can help do my car up, thanks.

QLD Rockhampton

7th Mar 2004, 17:27

I Brought a Standard 1983 AR TX5 Ghia for 2k, only had to replace Automatic Transmission Modulator. I want to also add a turbo to it for cheap how do I go about it and what needs to be done. i have heard about MX7 Mazda's replacing the whole engine so it is Turbo that way. Please leave your Suggestions at georgelids@hotmail.com Thanks.

7th Mar 2004, 19:57

I'm not sure if this is the right forum for me to ask this question, but here goes.

I have just bought an '87 Telstar 2.0i, It has (premium fuel only) written on the petrol flap,

Does anyone know what the consequences of feeding it 91 octane are? (apart from slightly less performance)



19th May 2004, 20:16

I have owned my 84 telstar gear for about 18 months now and I have had my Ls now for 2 months I have 17 inc cromies on it, a K and N filter the only thing I've had to do is put in it is a new starter motor, the car has a little over 20000 kms and still runs like a gem!


6th Nov 2007, 11:17

I am in love with my 84 Telstar GL. He can be a little stubborn kicking up a gear, but once he does he's a little dynamo. They really don't make cars like that anymore, and it's a bloody shame.