21st Jan 2003, 15:06

This guys a idiot I have a 1993 topaz and it never has problems, our family has had other tempos/topaz I personally think its the most reliably car ever made so this guy should pull his head out of his a$$

3rd Feb 2003, 19:53

I bought my red, 1992 Ford Tempo in 1992. It was a rental car for the dealer and had 20,000 miles. It is the best car I've ever had. I just passed 167,000 miles and it always starts. It passes emissions inspection with flying colors. I had it towed only once, and that was my fault. I will never get rid of this car until it is time for the junk yard, which will be some time yet, I'm sure.

14th Mar 2003, 11:34

I have a 92' Ford tempo G L. I bought it used, the only problem I had so far is that the antifreeze and transmission fluid is leaking, other than that I have no problems.

23rd Apr 2003, 03:34

I have a 92 Ford Tempo that I use for work. Needless to say I kept the car in working order with ritual tune ups and oil changes. It used to be reliable until it started overheating. I parked it immediately and had a mechanic looked at it. The mechanic said the head gasket was blown. The head was pulled off to change the gasket, and being the cautious car owner I am, I had the head checked. It was cracked. The mechanic told me this was a common problem. Though I have had it fixed, the car no longer wants to work. More than likely when the head went, the engine went with it. My next car will be a Chevy.

29th Jun 2004, 07:48

I got my first used 92 FORD Tempo Sport, December 99. It had 96,000 miles on it. I drive 3,000 miles a month just to work and back. It had it's small draw backs. Heater core went bad, replaced wheel barring and PVC Valve. I was very impressed with the engine itself. It took a beating! Near the end, electrical problems popped up, from the control panel to the door/seat belt. I finally got rid of it at 210,000 miles. I replaced it with a 92 Tempo Standard, Apr 03. It just tripped 60,000 miles. It has a smaller gas tank and gets better mileage than the sport! Again, I had to replace the heater core. Seems to be a common problem in Tempo's. Another thing I noticed is "air pockets" in the cooling system. You can hear water trickling through the fire-wall and heater core, when you first start the car. It happened on both cars. This time around when I went to have the line bled, discovered there was a hair-line leak in the head gasket. That set me back $$$. Would have cost more if it totally blown. Over-all, the Tempo has been a reliable good driving car. But if you own one, pay attention, especially to "air pockets" and heater cores.