1967 Ford Thunderbird 2 door hardtop 390 4bbl 315HP from North America


Brakes and fuel tank after 8 years storage.

Rebuilt 390 V8 at 101,000 miles.

General Comments:

This was my first car as a teenager! It is from a salt free state and to this day wears most of its original FoMoCo factory paint! It is so reliable that I would leave my Caddy STS at home and drive this across the country! Mechanically, it is all Ford so when something breaks it is usually easy to find. Only the items specific to a Thunderbird are hard to locate at times.

Car rides and handles beautifully and my car doesn't depreciate like all of the "me too SUV's" on the road today. I get better mileage too than those beasts!

I wish the seats were a bit more adjustable as I am pretty tall, but otherwise it is very comfortable. Hope to drive it another 23 years!

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Review Date: 18th January, 2001

16th Feb 2005, 17:14

I agree! I have a 1967 two-door Landau. It is the smoothest car I've ever had the luxury of driving. It is also my first car. I bought it in 2003.