1971 Ford Thunderbird Landau 429 4 bbl from North America


Ford never had it so good.


The car rusted out. The car was from Detroit, and the municipalities salted the roads in the winter. The car rusted from the bottom up. It had to be scrapped in 1977. It was very sad.

General Comments:

The 1971 T Bird was the finest Tudor coupe ever built by Ford. The body used the chassis of the Lincoln Mark IV, but the body lines revealed a true bird of prey. The car was a technological dream for its time. The landau was completely loaded, including mechanical anti-lock brakes and fog lamps. All of the switches and controls were built solid. The coolest thing with the way the rear turn signals illuminated in a sequential directional pattern. The car was equipped with brilliant front cornering lights, which illuminated the darkest intersection. The 429 c.i. engine produced an astonishing 390 Horsepower. The car drove stable at speeds in excess of 100 Mph. It literally ruled the highways. The car was in a league with the Olds Tornado, the Buick Riviera and the Lincoln Mark IV. I have been trying to buy a restored 71 T-Bird, but the owners just don't sell them.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2004

19th Feb 2005, 15:55

The Lincoln Mark 4 was not made in 1971. Get your facts straight!

3rd Mar 2005, 09:26

Tell me about the owners not wanting to sell. I had a '71 T-Bird, the most awesome dark metallic green with a white top... have never seen another one like it. I bought it for $300 in Texas back in 85. Mint condition. I got rear-ended on Central Expressway in Dallas by a utility truck doing 65 when he hit me. That car saved my life. The rear bumper was in the back seat. She ended up in a junkyard in Texas with a just fine tuned 429 ThunderJet and a brand new Holley 4 barrel. I almost beat up the guy who hit me right there in the middle of the expressway. I had to bury the only car I ever loved and have not been able to find one since. Still looking for one. 70 or 72 will not do. Has to be a 71.

3rd Mar 2005, 11:53

There are now at least TEN 1971 T-birds for sale RIGHT NOW 3/3/2005 on collectorcartrader.com, starting at $1500, so unless you are only waiting for one to show up for sale in your own neighborhood and/or for under $250, don't say that you can't find any for sale.

Saying you want to buy and restore one is a lot easier than actually doing it!

6th Jun 2005, 16:36

I purchased a 1971 thunder-bird. It was told to me by the seller that it had special equipment, special paint and made for and owned by Ford vice president and general manager John Naughton. I email Ford, but privicy policies forbid them to give me any information on previous owners. Does any one know where I can get an estimated value on this car and history on its so called special equipment I do not know enough about 1971 thunder-birds to know. I tried to do a search on vice president and general manager of Ford (John Naughton) but he appears to be a ghost. Does any one have any information on him? thank-you.

3rd Dec 2006, 19:04

I have a 1971 t-bird for sale...1 owner I have the original green title from march of '72 it has a 429 4 barrel and has many solid straight "no bondo" body parts. Only problem is the rust on non-removable parts. you may contact me a lowslungfords@yahoo.com.

27th Dec 2006, 20:20

John Naughton was never related to Ford. He worked at a college in the UK.