23rd Jun 2002, 03:43

Hi there! I also own a 1987 Ford T-Bird V8 5.0L. Not quite sure if it's LX or Sports. It was given to me by my American boss. We both used to work in Saudi Arabia. Now he's gone back to the States (Houston). You mentioned that you're planning to give your car a make-over? I'm very curious in knowing where you are planning to buy all the parts (engine, body moulding, front & rear lamp assembly, etc.). I'm also thinking of giving mine some renovation. Problem is, since I'm based here in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, my chances of ever finding these parts, & more, is very scarce. Although there is local Ford vendor here, they don't carry much for the old T-Birds. I've tried the Internet, but so far have no luck. Hopefully you could help me. Don't want to keep too much of your space. I look forward to your advice. Thanks aplenty. - Sandy Dalit.

3rd May 2008, 10:49

Hey, I just bought a 1987 T-bird last night LOL. I don't know much about it, but it seems to be in really good shape. It has only 120k miles on it, and runs very well. I bought it for 500+ my old crappy car that had a lot of problems to a mechanic, so I'm pretty happy with the deal.

I'm not sure if it's an LX or what it is for that matter, but it has a 3.8 V6 in it and I was wondering if they made a turbo for it or blower or anything.

My friends are really into cars, and now that I have this car, I think I'll start to learn a bit with some help. :D

Not sure if I'll find my way back to this site, so if you wanna contact me for any advice or any reason ShinobiKakashi6@hotmail.com

9th Mar 2009, 19:04

Why would you add a blower on a 3.8 Tbird? Sell it and get a V8, add headers, flowmasters and even a blower if you can afford it and you'll be smoking Mustangs all over the place. LOL.

And for parts, you can find them in self service junkyards, these cars you will find there easy. At least I see them a lot here in California in the junkyards.