21st Jun 2004, 03:47

One day it would be nice to also own a couple more great looking 88's.

And to the question from comment # 1...

The 7'5 rear-end came standard with both the 3.8L and 5.0L models... An 8'8 rear-end came standard on the turbo-coupes though... I've switched to a 9' after dropping in my mustang Dech engine and it runs great... Looks better with the teeth then the flat turbo-coupe front anyway ;)

1st Nov 2008, 02:23

I recently bought a 1988 Thunderbird myself. I am having some heat issues though. With winter coming up, I'd like to get them fixed. The heat will not switch to where I want it to blow out of. Also it blows out warm air, not hot and not cold, so I think that setting is also stuck. I'm pretty sure it is a vacuum issue, but I am having trouble finding the problem. Can anyone point me in the right direction. Oh yeah, if it matters, it at least has an A/C installed, don't know if it works.

22nd Nov 2008, 15:19

I bought my 88 T-Bird new, and it's been garaged all the twenty years. The finish is still shiny, but some corners are corroded. I got lucky having the same service center in New York City taking care of it. The original engine had a knock, the dealer would not help, so after ten years and 85K miles, the guys put in a re-built engine for 3K even. Three transmission overhauls and the usual wear and tear, until the rear end bearings went. I found a guy in New Hampshire who makes rear ends,and I got disc brakes, instead of the original drums, which was what I always wanted. Then the drive shaft was too long, and AAMCO had someone make a new one for me. The car now rides better than when it was new! Now I am looking for some fancy alloy wheels, but the 4 lugs 14 inch, with 78mm distance between lug centers is nowhere to be found on Internet. Any ideas?

Honza H.

5th Feb 2011, 23:17

I just bought a 88 T Bird Sport 5.0, and looking for a right rear tail light and a seat. Anyone happen to have any laying around? Email me at AlabamaHanz@gmail.com thanks.