1993 Ford Transit 80 swb 2.5d from UK and Ireland


Dated and slow, but still good


Not a lot... needed new brake pads, load sensing valve etc, but I don't begrudge wear and tear items.

Ford never got to grips with rustproofing on these though, it's needed quite a bit of welding.

If you buy one you plan to keep, then rustproofing is a must. They rust EVERYWHERE.

General Comments:

Noisy and sluggish, may touch 85 mph on a good day and takes an age to get there. Leans on corners, but it's not fair to apply car criteria to a commercial vehicle.

It's the most practical vehicle I have owned, I use it as an everyday car, not commercially.

40-45 mpg means I can forgive it anything.

The driving position is also spot on and reliabilty is all you could ask for. If buying one, rust is the thing to look for.

Secondhand mechanical parts are easy to get hold of. As an indicator of how durable they can be, witness the large amount of older trannies still in everyday use.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 25th December, 2005

31st Aug 2006, 21:36

I just wanted to add, if you have one of these vans, please bear in mind they are staggeringly easy to break into and steal. A simple hammer into the door lock will have it open, failing that they smash the quarterlight windows to gain access. An immobiliser is a must.

18th Sep 2007, 22:13

Mine was a very early mk4 (new generation) and didn't have an EGR valve. I briefly experimented with turning up the pump, but found it too smokey. just learned to live life in the slow lane... got rid in the end after the local pikeys started taking an unhealthy interest in it.

8th Dec 2012, 15:34

40 to 45 MPG!!! 20-25 in reality