1999 Ford Transit VG SWB 2.5 turbo diesel 75KW from Australia and New Zealand


Excellent van, but totally unreliable


Without reference to minor issues:

Continuous valve type noise since new.

Oil presenting on inlet manifold and turbocharger body since new.

Excessive crank case pressure.

Fine cracks detected at each valve in cylinder head.

Direct engine repairs re oil and noise to date;

Numerous valve adjustments.

Five (5) turbochargers.

1 new cylinder head.

1 short motor that presented with the same problems on first drive from dealer.

Rocker cover and induction line modifications to curb oil in inlet.

2 timing belts.

1 long motor. etc etc.

Gear box - bearing collapse difficult 1st gear select. New gearbox fitted.

Clutch - vibration and slipping - worn on outer edges - replaced and machined.

Differential - noisy bearings 1st, then loose bearing carriage on two occasions.

Power steering pump - leaking front seal - replaced unit.

Cooling fan - viscous couplings x 2 due to bearing collapse.

Service brakes rear drums - distorted and required machining.

Fan belt adjustment bolt - Sheared off while travelling.

Body finish - roof sagging at cross members weld positions.

And the list goes on!

General Comments:

One of the best vans I have owned and driven with regard to functionality, comfort and handling.

Load capabilities are not understated, and would out perform most competition.

Would be an excellent commercial vehicle, but is sadly let down by Ford Australia and the dealer, whom lack capability, commitment and understanding.

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Review Date: 4th July, 2002

26th Jan 2006, 19:00

I also have an Australian ford transit van Turbo charged 96' has broken down 4 times once every 2 months. costing over $500 everytime only driven 20,000 klms.

Had a transit in Germany 86' model never broke down in the 3 years I had it driven 50,000 klms, very reliable.