1994 Ford Windstar from North America


Not worth a second look


My 1994 Ford Windstar has has a never ending series of repairs. The head gasket seal needed replacement at 30,000 miles. It has been through at least 5 sets of breaks, which still rattle and needlessly trigger the dashboard warning lights. The gasket on the sliding door has been replaced, but continues to leak. In addition, there have been not less than four major recalls: electric wiring; head gasket; break lines and fuel tank.

General Comments:

My 1994 Windstar is not reliable; it runs great for a few weeks and then seriously misbehaves, especially under highway conditions. The engine misses at high speeds and there is a very sluggish shifting pattern.

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Review Date: 28th May, 2002

1994 Ford Windstar GL 3.8 from North America


I love the Windstar and will buy another one


I love the Windstar. It is an amazing mini-van.

I admit the head gasket is the major problem with the van, but the dealer paid for everything including the rental car (F-150 XLT fully loaded).

The Windstar handles well and is pretty reliable. I've never had any problems with the windows, odometer, wipers or radio.

The transmission always shifts on time and has never needed repair. And unlike all Asian cars, the Windstar never revs high for regular use and does not need to feel the power.

The only problem I had was the door ajar, but it's not big, only a small switch.

My A/C always works execept when I run out of coolant for it, which will happen to the best cars in the world.

Don't think that Ford is a bad company, I dare you to look up Honda and Toyota and you will find just as bad things with them also.

My friend has a 1997 Camry and the head gasket blew.

I read today that the Odyssey was on recall 5 times for safety defects.

I would rather buy an American car with problems than an Asian car with problems

My neighbor has a 2000 Sienna XLE and it's already been to the dealer for fixing.

I've been in many Accords and the shifting is rough compared to my Windstar that is revved to 5000 RPM many times.

As soon as it's time to get a new van, I will buy another Windstar Sport or SEL.

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Review Date: 22nd August, 2001

24th Aug 2001, 11:16

There is some humor to this review; he loves everything "except"... All the positives are conditional based upon problems. Do you really expect a newer van to have these types of issues? I believe the expectations of the American vans are less than the foreign built vans. You are lucky with the transmission--my '95 Windstar blew one at 36,011 miles and my new one shifts roughly, like the '95 did.

26th Oct 2001, 11:46

My Windstar had about 30,000 miles when I purchased it. They delayed my picking up the vehicle because it stalled. Eventually I picked it up and it continued to stall. The agency where I bought it took it back twice. The last time they reported that it was some modular device that they had to replace. It still stalls making left hand turns. It is dangerous, but I cannot afford to purchase another car.

20th Jan 2002, 00:30

Honda's shift that hard because their transmissions are completely based on gears instead of some autos which are almost completely fluid driven.. If you notice a lot of the older honda automatics make that notorious whirr in their reverse gear..

Hmm, but they still go 300,000 on one transmission.. Something appears right :)

15th Jan 2010, 00:47

The original reviewer seems intent on heartache or stranding himself somewhere, transmissionless. He seems not to mind the first head gasket. Maybe he will mind the second, or perhaps the third. Maybe when his wiring lights up the dash like a Christmas tree. But perhaps his adamant pursuit of American mediocrity that is the Windstar is his shining goal. Whatever the case is, I wish him luck, now that Ford is gone from the minivan market. All that remain are of better stock.