22nd Mar 2003, 15:50

97 Windstar Door Ajar - sprayed all the latches with some result - now the chime comes on only at stops!!! Ford Please help. I will spray again.

24th Mar 2003, 10:40

My 98 Ford Windstar is also having the same problem with the door adjar light staying on and the chime is driving me crazy. The chime does stop once you reach a speed over 10 MPH. The interier lights also stay on for about 10 minutes after you exit the vehicle. My speedometer also just stopped working. This is my last Ford.

28th Mar 2003, 13:57

I own a 1997 Ford Wind star Van. I am having problems with the interior light, but that is not my major problem. This summer, I had to get the transmission rebuilt and it cost me $2400.00. The speedometer works when it wants to or doesn't work at all. I am still having problems with the transmission. I have had the speed sensor changed twice, but that doesn't fix the problem. Now my overdrive light is blinking and the transmission doesn't go to first. When I start to drive it is real slow. The transmission guy says it is a problem between my speed sensor and dash. The ford place says it is my transmission. I do not know what to do. I just want the thing fixed.

31st Mar 2003, 17:39

I have had good luck with the WD-40 solving the door chime problem... the fuse cannot be pulled without disabling the power windows. I have also resorted to calculating my speed from the Tach... IE 2250 rpm in top gear is approx 65 mph, but I really can't do the math for the lower gears, and so just hope for the best... this is really a horrid problem. Anyone know how to calculate for the lower gears? Own a Ford, do Algebra!

1st Apr 2003, 08:35

I have a 96 Windstar with 82,000 miles. The speedometer has started bouncing. I found one in junkyard for $100. Decided not to purchase since the problem will just reoccur. I have had the same problems with the lights staying on, door locks going crazy, transmission jerking, etc. Looks like Ford would fix some of these problems.

2nd Apr 2003, 06:29

USE WD-40. SPRAY ON DOOR LATCHES, HINGES ETC. Any store should have plenty of WD-40 in stock.

2nd Apr 2003, 18:06

My 95 Ranger has:

1. Door ajar light.

2. Chime (when it finally goes off after <substitute a random time here> I find myself immediately saying "thank god"... occasionally god will restart the chime and I find myself saying <insert expletive here>).

3. Intermittent dome light (I use duct tape).

I'm going to try the WD40 thing and post a followup...

I found an interesting article at: thedieselstop.com

They disable the chime via the "key switch"...

8th Apr 2003, 20:07

I own a 97 Windstar and am having the same challenge with the door ajar light and chime (annoying chime!) We have found a pattern... the chime only comes on at certain speeds IF our head lights are on. I have the door ajar warning lamp on 98% of the time. Interior lights are on a majority of the time, for those who are disconnecting your battery, (this was my first concern) the lights do go out by themself after approx 45 minutes. (Yes... I timed it).

We tried the WD40 to no avail.

When the problem first started, it happened only when the van was parked in the sun for an extended period of time. Then only when it was humid... it is getting progressively worse... it does it everyday! but now only if I use my head lights... go figure. The chime used to go out after we wiggled the key... that no longer works. If the lights are on and I slow down to 900rpm, the chime comes on... when I speed up and am doing approx 2000 rpm the chime goes out, but only when actually moving. I have tried putting the van in neutral and reving the engine up... that does not work. You want to talk road rage... try driving rush hour stop and go traffic with 2 preschoolers in the van and this chime driving you nuts. Ford does not think this is a safety issue... ever try backing up at night with your interior lights on!!

Man, I had to do it last night and I was sooo scared! I could not see a thing outside my van! There is no way to turn that light out... it has a mind of its own.

I love my Windstar!! BUT... this is a very serious challenge and I am very disappointed that Ford feels these are "isolated" and no dealership knows how to fix it!

Please keep me posted to any recommended solutions or fixes


8th Apr 2003, 22:11

Follow up to 4/2 comment...

Wd-40 so far has worked (3days)...sprayed 1/2 can into each door... opened/closed several times immediately after spraying... got my fingers crossed... good luck.

17th Apr 2003, 08:07

I too have had all of the above problems. I finally got tired of the door light/chimes/dome light staying on and took it in to have it fixed. It cost me $717.00 JUST to fix the door problems! I didn't have them fix the speedometer because that would have been another $400.00. Boys & girls, I think we're getting shafted by FORD.

17th Apr 2003, 21:58

We have a problem with our 95 Windstar that our mechanic has not yet been able to figure out. It sounds like the ABS is coming on up front intermittently, makes a brrrr noise. Brakes have been checked etc. and everything comes up working fine. Real mystery, any suggestions?

21st Apr 2003, 10:13

1998 Wind star door chime and dome lights are now a problem more often. Removing fuse # 19 under the steering wheel area also cuts out the power windows and windshield wipers. It's not fun crawling under the dash in the rain trying to stick the fuse back in.

10th May 2003, 07:30

About the door ajar dinging. I had a room mate with a ford ranger.

His truck had the same problem. The dinging only happened on the passenger door. We pulled the door panel and shorted the switch so it indicated the door was always closed. Then he just used the light switch to turn on the interior light. I would suggest checking each door. You should be able to replace the switch on the bad door. Try finding a Chilton's auto repair manual for your year vehicle. In the back there is a wiring diagram. It may be worth all the trouble.


10th May 2003, 21:50

You should have used WD-40 spray on the door ajar swich. It works well for a while.

28th May 2003, 11:53

1997 Windstar - I was beginning to think I was the only one with all these problems. I too have had problems with the light staying on and "dinging". The head gasket cracked and ruined the motor - $4,000 - work done by Ford (and they say there is no problem). My speedometer also broke - several hundred more $$$, and now the transmission is also jerking. My brother in law works for Ford and we rec'd a discount when we purchased the vehicle. Some discount, the money we saved plus thousands more put back into the vehicle in only 6 years. Ford Claims none of it was under warranty. F.O.R.D. (fix or repair daily)