6th Jul 2005, 21:33

You are right about the Ford Windstar. My speedometer has the same problem. It just bounce up and down once you pass the 50 mph. It is really not good.

The head gasket leaks after 120,000 miles. Repair cost $2500. I used a metal leakage powder to stop it. $5.

Engine waning sign always on.

Hot weather, it tends to choke.

Ride is good on front seat, not too good after 2nd row. Seat is crappy. Too narrow. Seat arm rest is even crappy. Small and odd shape. Who design it? What is right by adding 1-2 inches width and more foam in the arm rest. Take a look Honda Odyssey seat. Wide and comfortable. These Ford European style bucket seat really not very good. For family car, you don't need race car female driver seat. Take a look at old GM seat back in 1985. Flat seat back, comfortable cushion. Not too much angle to prevent submarine motion. Where are all the common sense? A simple lawn plastic chair is more comfortable than these Ford/GM car curve here and curve there car seat today. Who came up with these lumbar thing. Take a look spine and your sofar seat. DO you see any curve at the seat back?

Also, they really need to shape up on reliability and durability. Diesel Engine design for 1 million miles. How many miles this car engine is designed for $25k? A semi only cost $80k and they car last 1 million miles. What are these big 3 and their vendors are thinking.

If they don't shape up and get all the right/brightest technical talent and brain together, get rid off the Detroit mentality of business operation. Japanese cars will be all over. YOo will see job loss all over this country automotive industries. Than it will be too late. Shape up! Invest on R&D, no investment, how you gonna gain. It is not all shop worker's fault. I think the management, & engineers should take most of the responsibility.