1996 Geo Metro 2 door 3 cylinder from North America


I loved it, great gas mileage and very reliable


We just had the engine rebuilt because it had lots of mileage.

General Comments:

It's a very good car with great gas mileage. I hate to see it go, but I need money for college. Five speed that gets 40+ on the interstate and 35+ in town.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2007

1996 Geo Metro LSI 4 Door 4 cylinder from North America


People think my car is a piece of crap, but I can out handle you in the dirt


Crankshaft blew out at 50k miles. Covered by dealer, and replaced free of charge. Warranty!

Accidental removal of passenger mirror at 60mph.

Right passenger door dents very easily (good story behind that one).

Seats conform to buttocks and feel like sitting on stone.

General Comments:

Car is great! Doesn't like hills and doesn't like to stop abruptly. Steering handles like no other, especially on dirt and mud. I've gotten this car stuck in ditches, off the sides of mountains and once, in a pond. With the exception of the pond, all I had to do was have someone sit on the hood and make the wheels hit the ground. Once they hit, put that sucker in reverse and it gets some.

Interior itself is very small, and it is so obvious that this model was not made for normal or even in my case, thin Americans. My head almost touches the roof, and I only stand at 6ft.

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Review Date: 28th October, 2007

29th Feb 2012, 10:51

This is an economy car, NOT an off-road vehicle.

I'm surprised at you getting it stuck in the mud more than once, and flabbergasted at you getting into a pond.

Perhaps you'd be more comfortable in a pickup truck with a dog in the back?

1996 Geo Metro from North America


Drivers door window comes off track.

Drivers floor mat doesn't stay in place and becomes a driving hazard.

General Comments:

We had a 1995 Suzuki Swift years ago, and it had the same issue with the drivers door window. So did our friends. Just after getting this car used, the window in it fell off track. With the number of reports of the same issue, I suspect this is a manufacturing defect, and am contacting GM (manufacturers of Geo) to try and have it repaired. Other reports would be useful to illustrate how widespread the issue is.

Otherwise it's a GREAT little car! I love it because I commute, and the costs are a lot less. I bought it because I had loved the Suzuki Swift so much. I HIGHLY reccommend it - as long as you don't open the window!

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Review Date: 5th September, 2007

6th Sep 2007, 07:45

So you're going to try to get GM to respond to a window problem in a 12 year old car model that they stopped making 7 years ago.

Good luck with that.

1996 Geo Metro 3 cylinder, 1.0 liter from North America


One of the best purchases I have ever made--a joy to own!


I have owned this car for a year, and nothing at all has gone wrong with it. There are some minor things, but the car is over 10 years old.

The "Service Engine Soon" light comes on occasionally, usually after I fill the gas tank. I had it checked out, and nothing seems to be wrong. I haven't noticed any drop in performance or any problems. I'm assuming it might be a faulty gas cap, or sensor.

The dash is discolored and faded in some places, but this is a common issue with this car. It's unimportant to me.

Minor nicks and dings on the exterior, usual wear and tear on a 10 year old car.

Aside from that, I have not had any negative issues with this car.

General Comments:

I bought my li'l Metro Hatchback a year ago with 58,000 original miles. I paid $2,700 cash for it. Considering gas was pretty expensive at the time, and Metros are always in demand when gas prices are high, I feel I got an excellent deal.

Obviously, in purchasing this car I was not looking for the smoothest ride or most luxurious features. I was looking for a reliable, economical vehicle that would get me were I needed to go. I have not been disappointed.

I had the timing belt replaced when I first purchased the car, and have had an oil change and service every 3,000 miles. It has not given me any problems whatsoever, aside from the minor issues described above.

The engine, while small, is very efficient. I average 40 mpg CITY. With a 10.6 gallon fuel capacity, I can drive 400 miles between fill-ups! I haven't driven it on any long highway trips yet.

Acceleration is what I would describe as "zippy". You're not going to beat anyone off the line in a Geo Metro (unless you've done some custom engine mods), but it's just fine for normal driving.

I haven't had to replace the tires yet, but I've been doing research and it will only cost me $100 to replace ALL 4 TIRES!!

People like to joke about my li'l Geo, and I like to joke right along with them. It is a quirky little car. But when I tell them how much I paid for it, what kind of gas mileage I get, and how reliable it has been, people stop laughing and usually say "wow!".

Overall, this car has been a joy to own. It has been very economical, easy to maintain, and worry-free, and is easily one of the best investments I have ever made.

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Review Date: 9th March, 2007

3rd Apr 2007, 11:23

I have a little Geo Metro and people keep teasing me too. Mainly my dad teases me. My Geo Metro only gets 30 miles per gallon whether your going 65 or 30. If your going 65 the engine is going at 4000 rpm.