1999 Geo Metro LSI Hatchback 1.0 3 cylinder from North America


A good reliable cheap car


Headlights don't work, use daytime running lights at night.

A/C needs can of freon every 4 weeks. Has always been like this.

Blower fan works on high and sometimes on other speeds.

Oil leak.

General Comments:

Bought this car from a friend for 1400.00. Car was 3 years old with 57000 miles on it, body was a little rough (dents when you lean on it) and had a cracked windshield (still does). I figured I would use it for work to save some miles on my other car and couldn't resist the price for a 3 year old car. It quickly became my primary car and I used it all the time even on long trips. Friends teased me about it until the gas crunch and then they were jealous. At 6'4" its not to tight and has good headroom. It is by far the most reliable cheap to run and fix car I've ever owned in my 25 years of driving. Also, I drive this car hard, 8 hour trips at 80+ mph, & 98 degrees with the air on (SW Tenn) and never so much as a sputter, and no one can believe the amount of cargo it holds. A six foot ladder fits in it. Even though its bumpy and noisy, I'll drive it into the ground.

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Review Date: 13th March, 2006

1999 Geo Metro LSI 1.0 from North America


Love it. 47 MPG!


I love the metro. I believe the squealing alternator problem is a manufacturing defect. When you turn the pulley by hand, after the belt snaps, it turns hard. I noticed this the first time after the car sat for a month. I actually had to use large pliers and oil to get it going again. I have a new rebuilt alternator and it started doing the same thing after 2 weeks. Luckily, it is a lifetime warranty because I suspect I will be going through a few of them before I get one that does not drag on the belt.

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Review Date: 17th November, 2005

17th Nov 2005, 16:30

Uh, did you ever consider the possibility that your belt is just too tight, either because it is being installed improperly or your belt tensioner is not working, which is wearing out the bearings in the alternator?

Just a thought.

1999 Geo Metro Base 1.0 Liter 3 cylinder from North America


It's reliable and very cute


I must say I am impressed with how durable and reliable this little sucker is. Nothing has gone wrong yet in the 91,000 miles I've put on it, and I drive it pretty tough. There are a few rattles here and there, and the A/C isn't very powerful. The only major concern I've had is the noise it makes when shifting into reverse (a grinding, clunky sound).

General Comments:

This car has been fantastic! The fuel economy is nothing to sneeze at, especially when the price has gone up to $2.30 per gallon. I'm in college, so I need to save as much money as I can. And I couldn't have picked a better money-saver. It's fun to drive, has a cute little sewing-machine-like engine that purrs, and it's built like a little tank (you can feel the rigidness of the chassis when throwing it around a bit). It's a little noisy in the lower gears, but when cruising the highway in 5th gear, it's as smooth as butter. Shifting is smooth, though the aforementioned reverse gear noise is a little odd. 2nd gear has it's quirks, too. I think there might be a flaw with the synchro mesher in the gearbox. Maintenance is a snap, I do it all myself without any trouble. Rotating the tires is the easiest of all, with the tiny little wheels. All in all, this is a wonderful little car.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

7th Dec 2005, 07:45

Your problems with the gearbox indicates a worn syncronizer and/or internal bearings going bad.

Drop in to www.teamswift.net and browse the forum with the stickies.

They provide a wealth of info on curing problems with this tranny.

3rd Nov 2009, 11:57

No heat in my Geo, and 5th gear doesn't work now. But it's a good in town car for me. My girlfriend learned to drive in it, and now my son.

1999 Geo Metro LSi from North America


It is unbeatable for cost efficiency and dependability


I replaced the clutch at 158,000 miles.

I replaced the timing belt at 158,000 miles.

I am replacing the muffler system now at a little over 200,000 miles.

General Comments:

This is a great little automobile for anyone that is commuting to and from work. I purchased the car from a friend that bought the car new. She put 103,000 miles on the car, she is a bank courier and bought the car for her job. I purchased the car from her for the same reason. I drive 200 miles one way to work, 400 round trip and I wanted a small vehicle that would get good gas mileage, plus I did not want to put high mileage on my new vehicle. I have not regretted the purchase as I have had very little trouble with it and have had to replace very little for a car with such high mileage. My friend did not have to replace anything the first 103,000 miles. I have total faith in the car, (I have to have faith I'm my car as the first 97 miles I travel is desolate without so much as a gas station, and no cell phone service as it is such a hilly area and an not get reception. The gas mileage is unbelievable. It cost me around $12.00 for gas for the 400 mile round trip (200 miles each way). As for comfort, it is not uncomfortable, however, it is not a vehicle made for comfort either, but it is rather a very cost efficient and dependable car, which in my opinion far outweighs any discomfort. It is also a car that is very easy to drive.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004