16th May 2004, 19:45

I drive the crap out of this thing and it keeps on going. I have a name for mine considering it's so small next to my suv. I call it my "keychain".

15th Jun 2004, 08:17

Best little car around. My first "Geo Metro" was its sister car, the Pontiac Firefly. Put 453,000km (271,000 miles) on it. Apart from the usual wear items (brakes, etc), the car only cost me one timing belt, 1 rad, 1 starter, lots of rear axle bearings, and a engine partial rebuild (valves were shot after 250,000km)! I did the rebuild myself. I removed the valve head, and had it rebuilt in a shop ($200). A bought a gasket kit ($100) and new rings ($60). Replacing the piston rings was simple. Drop oil pan, remove and re-ring pistons. Cleaned the cylinders and reassembled. For $360 and 4 hours work (over two days), I got another 200,000km out of the car. I was forced to dispose of the car after the frame rusted out. A real shame as the car was still running strong.

My second Geo Metro has 220,000km on it. So far, I've replace the timing belt, and lower crankshaft seal.

I think it is a shame that the car manufacturers have stopped building this excellent car. With todays gas prices, I thing that decision is costing them, and us money.

23rd Oct 2004, 21:40

I love my 94' Metro more than I ever thought I could. At first was skeptical of it's integrity until I noticed most of them are still running on the road. The town I live in in Texas has two local businesses that use the same model year vehicle for their fleet. Impressive! Not to mention I like to surprise people when I disclose it's phenomenal gas mileage! I am a lead foot, so I get 26-30 city, and 32-38 HWY. Mine is an automatic. I fixed a seal in the trans. for only $5. WOW!! A/C is still frosty too! Long live the METRO!

1st Nov 2014, 08:53

I have a 93 Metro stick shift with 110,000. I bought it in 2001, almost 14 years ago.

It has only left me stranded once when the timing belt broke at 99,000 miles.

I love this car. My friends help me fix it when I need a small repair. They say it's easy to fix; so much room in the engine bay.

Cheap insurance, and great on gas. I paid 3000 dollars 14 years ago. You do the math.

This car has more life and has treated me more than fair. My best friend says it has at least 5 to 10 more years. I guess I'm cheap and this car has done its job.