6th Oct 2004, 01:27

My "94 Geo Metro at 101600 miles, still flies. Since 7/3/94 I've used 2 sets of tires, 1 battery (my fault) 1 set of brakes at 96000, with oil changes every 3000 miles.

This past year my alternator belt, after years of squealing on start-up, decided to break, 6 months later it broke again, 2 months later broke again, so I replaced the alternator as advised. I still have squealing and black rubber fluff sticking to the alternator. Whats wrong.

I get 48MPG at 65-70MPH. I Love the car, I'm 62 and my Grandchildren hope to inherit this one.

23rd Dec 2004, 20:17

I recently bought a 91 Pontiac Firefly, and it's got a 3 cyl, 1.0L engine.

Really.., this thing is almost as efficient as a 2005 Toyota Prius Hybrid! I just drove my car from Vancouver, BC to Whistler and back, up and down huge freaking mountains, etc. it's 163miles and I only burned 3.13 US gallons/ or 12 litres. 52mpg (US) or 4.54L/100km.

15th May 2005, 22:06

I bought my 1994 Geo Metro about 6 months ago at 56000KM. I had my passenger side ball-joint give out which gave me some unwanted rattling noises, but I fixed it myself easily (it's a very easy car to work on) and I have had no problems at all. I love the economy of the car, to get to work and back in my 2004 Pontiac Montana cost me about $8 (canadian) and now in my Geo it is only about $3. I recommend this car to anyone who likes to save money.

2nd Jan 2006, 14:05

My comment echos those above. I have a 94 with 137,000 miles and it starts every time first time, the engine purrs like a contented kitten, and the gas mileage is unbelievable. However, like a couple of the above owners, this last year, on a cold start, the alternator belt squeals and the I get the "fluff" mentioned above from the abrasion on the belt and my belt broke twice in a year. I changed the alternator, water pump and pulley and none of the changes fixed the problem. I put a small washer in the alternator mounting bracket to align the alternator better and the belt hasn't broken since, but I still get a little squealing on a cold start. Other than that, this car is a marvel of engineering and it just keeps running with no problems.

2nd Feb 2006, 10:14

I am now driving my second '94 Geo Metro. My first one was flattened by a fallen tree during an ice storm. My current Metro has only 73,000 miles and just this week I had it in the shop for a squeaking belt. They put a washer on the alternator to have it align with the belt. My Metro has AC and an automatic transmission. If I drive it hard I only get about 32 mpg. More conservative driving rewards me with 43-45 mpg. I would have no qualms about taking this car cross-country. It is perfect basic transportation. My plan is to keep this car as long as it runs.

7th Nov 2006, 16:52

I am the proud owner of a 1994 Geo Metro hatchback. It has almost 108,000 miles on it and still gets great mileage. but... last year the alternator belt (as mentioned in previous comments) started squealing and wearing down, and then it eventually broke. I am on my sixth belt this year and I am at my wits end. I read the one users comment about adding a washer to the alternator mount... has anyone else tried this and if so has it worked? Or does anyone have any other suggestions?

11th Jan 2007, 23:44

I've been having the same problem as mentioned before about the alternator belts on both of my Metros. On my beater I tightened to belt so tight using a crowbar that I killed the water pump bearings and still this bugger squeals. On my other metro it's a 5 speed the belt will stop squealing after a min while idling then when I put it in gear it sqeels again. Take it out of gear and it stops. Once the engine warms up or I get it to 5th gear above 45 mph it will stop too. How can the engine being in gear have anything to do with it squealing?

26th Jan 2007, 09:58

This is my 2nd 1 litre metro. my last one got up to 200,000 miles and the doors fell off so I replaced it. I replaced the map sensor, alternator, inner tie rod and A arm, fuel tank, cam seal, rad, timing belt (3x) and oxygen sensor apart from usual maintenance items. I drove it for 12 years.

My current metro has 125,000 miles. it's a 94 1 litre Geo Metro (5spd) that hasn't passed a pollution test due to high no gas. I removed the EGR valve and it functions. If I hook up the vacuum line directly to it and skip the EGR module, it works at high RPMS as it should. The EGR module seems to function (hold a vacuum when air is blown in the bottom). Very little exhaust pressure comes into the bottom of the EGR module even at high RPMS! These are great cars and easy to fix (I think) although the parts are expensive. I do almost all of my own work. Any remarks!

23rd Feb 2007, 21:35

I have acquired a broken 94 Geo metro it needs a new motor its has been ran into the ground by my dad and older sister. I am hoping to take it to school in the summer, but I need to find a motor and cheap! If anyone knows where to find one please contact me at black8cat9@yahoo.com.

9th Mar 2007, 16:32

I own a 1994 Geo Metro. I haven't had major problems and I know nothing about cars, what I do know is that I love this little hot rod. It is not expensive to drive and except for blizzard weather and slushy streets where anybody can get stuck (I'm in SD) I can't complain. What I am wondering is if anyone has had problems with the fuel pump, and if you can tell me what the whole deal about alternators is and how you can notice that. Thanks!

11th Mar 2007, 18:32

A 1994 Geo Metro is a great car. I've been driving this car for about 17 years. It is the same engine with 203034.7 miles on it. The only problem with this car is that the Head is not doing so good. I have to put antifreeze in the car about every 20-40 miles. Other than that the car is great!!! Who ever wants a Geo Metro, they should get one. If I were to get another one I would bid money on it so I could take it home. Good luck with your Geo metro if you have one!!!

10th May 2007, 20:53

This 90 Metro is my third. I have had the same problems with squealing belts. I have found that a three prong approach helps.

First, I run the highest capacity battery that will fit.

Second, buy the Auto Zone heavy duty belt (about 14$).

Third, sand blast, sand or acid etch the pulley to rough it up. Now adjust the belt very snug, be diligent, check and adjust the belt at least twice in the next month.

By keeping it tight, the belt should not slip. Good luck.