5th Apr 2005, 14:07

You can get them on ebay. Just search for Geo metro, and it will come up with cars for sale and the speed chip. Let me know if it works thanks.

15th Aug 2005, 22:41

The speed chip will not make the Metro go faster. It will boost the Hp however. This makes the acceleration a little better and a hill easier to climb. 20 extra hp--maybe 4-5 but that is a 10% boost.!!! The chip makes the fuel mixture richer by fooling the fuel sensor into thinking it is cold weather and you lose about 1 mpg.

17th Sep 2005, 18:36

Who would want to lose their gas mileage. That is what a Geo is for. These cars are valuable now. I am lucky to have one in the family, so I had machine work done to the head's surface, cam shaft and other parts. The valve seats have been redone. All new gaskets and rubber including timing belt, air condition belt, and alternator + water pump belt. This thing can move now. The cylinders have been re-bored and the pistons with rings have been changed out. So much work has been done to it, I could not tell all of it. Most of it was done by myself accept the machine work and a hydraulic press. My Geo hatchback can smoke your Geos lol.

31st Oct 2005, 23:55

I'm a first time owner of a "96" 2 door hatchback. (1.3 auto) The car is a blast to drive. I've been averaging 35 mpg. I recently ordered a "k&n" air filter for it hoping to improve the fuel mileage and performance. The only concern I have is when I'm on the freeway it seems like the engine is revving to much. (3500-3800 rpm,60-65 mph). Is this normal for the automatic? Had to replace CV axles and rear brakes at 75k.Other than that I totally enjoy driving it!! Lots of head room for a 6' 210lbs. man!!

25th Jul 2006, 15:58

I had just purchased a 1996 Geo Metro, and I love it. Number 1; I bought it for $80 (The guy didn't want it anymore; I have no clue why). Number 2; It is very spacious inside (I am 6'0 and 205 lbs.) Number 3; Incredible gas mileage (I have the 3 cylinder) Number 4; It is very cheap to maintain it. I JUST ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS CAR! I sold my 350 horsepower Camaro SS 'cause of gas prices and don't think that it is possible to have made a smarter decision.

The only downfall is that this thing is really slow (especially with the A/C on, and I expect that) However, I just gave the car a complete tune up and it runs a lot better. If anyone has any info on that chip thing let me know if it worked 'cause that is something that I'm very interested in. Thanks.