12th Jun 2002, 21:26

I have a red 91 Geo Convertible with 230 thousand km. on it (Canada). I've owned it for four years and have not spent more than 200 bucks (new custom muffler and bra) on it apart from normal maintenance and tires (also cheap). Doesn't burn any oil and gets such amazing gas mileage I don't even care what the pump price is. I can't sell it, because I know I'll regret it, and I KNOW it will be an appreciating asset in years to come (think about minis and bugs). I am a bit of a car and truck trader and they come and they go, but the Geo (called Sprints or Fireflys in Canada) stays. I've got a bra on the front, the aforementioned muffler is one from a Geo Storm with double chrome pipes, I've taken off all the original logos and decals (still original paint),and spray painted the wheel covers dark gray (total costless than $200).My BIG dog even has room behind the seats to sit or lie comfortably because the space between the seats and the trunk is open (kind of a plastic curtain arrangement). A few weeks ago in traffic a guy in a Mercedes 450SL convertible asked me what the cool car was that I was driving. I REST my case.

11th Dec 2007, 16:31

My husband's Mother got this car as an engagement gift in the early 90's. She put gas in it for 10 years and that was all. She didn't check the oil and ran it out before she "put in a quart." The engine made "a little noise" so she was afraid to drive the car so it sat for 2 years in the back yard growing mildew and grass. When she gave it to my husband, we took it on as a "someday project car." We had to change out the gas, put in a new battery, and of course, fill it up with oil. We turned the key and have been driving it ever since. We of course have cleaned her out, put on a new top, and she wears a good bra, but she is still running on her little lawn mower engine (1 liter) without any complaints for over 250,000 miles.