29th May 2011, 16:59

I have a 94 Prizm that I got about a year ago with 135,000 on it. It has 156,000 now. It still runs great.

About the rust you had fixed: did you have a local bodyshop do it? What was the amount of rust it had? Wheel well rust? Rocker panels? The hood? I am just curious as I also have some rust I would like to get fixed up.


3rd Sep 2011, 18:39

September 2011, Original Poster - Now at 211K miles, still going strong, 29-31 mpg. Still leaks/burns about the same amount of oil. Just got a front wheel bearing fixed, $441! Still a great commuter car. As to the second comment, rust was along the bottom of the car on the side right in front of the rear tires. They are rusting out again. Also, right aft of the rear tires where the top and bottom quarter panels meet, the top rear quarter panels are rusting from the inside. I got the original rust repair/metal replacement done by a local shop. Good luck out there!

2nd Feb 2014, 08:45

February 2014. Original poster. Still have the car, now at 230K miles, still use as a commuter. It still runs well, with few repairs needed, but rust is increasing, especially at the front of the left rear wheel well. That tire went flat (a nail) and I was worried the frame rail wouldn't support the jack, but it did (the rim was rusted onto the car, so I had to tow it to the shop for the change, but that wasn't the fault of the car).

The left rear door is hard to open and close, and I'm worried it's the car flexing, although it could just be I never open and close it. I admit I have been looking at newer cars. Hard to beat this one - it kept me going through some lean times.

28th Oct 2015, 01:53

Original poster again. Finally traded away the Geo for a new(er) car in October of 2015 (well, the trade wasn't worth much, actually). Rust was slowly getting worse, and it was starting to have starting issues, but at 248000 miles it was still running strong, A/C cold, radio good. I hated to see it go, but I was worried that if I got in an accident, the car would come apart, or that it would just fold up at the next big bump. That car saw me through some lean times, and provided excellent service. $14K for a car that lasted 248K miles and 20 years, drove me on several vacations, a 1500 mile move, taking my son and other kids to school, endless daily commutes, was my only car for five years post-divorce, and carried an amazing amount of stuff in the little trunk and passenger compartment. Original engine and transmission, and very little replaced over its lifetime. Never needed a major repair when I was broke. I also admit I've laughed about the worry I had over the odd A/C rattle that never ever developed into anything. Talk about needless worry!

I bought a bigger car to replace it, and it is weird not to have that dependable roller skate sitting in my garage, and my commute is different now. Goodbye, old friend!

And that's it for me and this car. No more updates here!