1990 Geo Sprint Convertible from North America


Fun, reliable summer car


Replaced the exhaust twice while under warranty. The roof now leaks after 13 years. This is only around the passenger and driver windows. Is starting to use too much oil.

Difficult to close roof with one person.

General Comments:

Great little car, I am now parting with it after 13 years. Will miss the reliablity, pep and fun this car provides. She owes me nothing!!!

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Review Date: 18th February, 2003

8th Apr 2006, 23:54

This review needs to be moved to the Chevrolet Sprint page, because Geo never made the Sprint. Geo's models included the Metro, Prizm, Tracker, Storm, and Spectrum; nothing else.

1989 Geo Sprint 1.0L-3 from North America


A cheap, reliable, easily-maintained first car


Alternator bearings failed at 70k, 144k, and again at 210k kilometers. These units were cheap to buy through jobbers, and easily replaced.

Mufflers have been a problem, usually being replaced every 30,000 km.

Shocks and struts are a weak point, although rough road conditions account for poor performance. Have replaced both shocks and struts 6 times since the car was new. Once, failure to replace them in time led to replacing upper rear mounts.

Thermostat failed in the open position at 110,000 km.

Traveling on gravel roads, flying rocks under the car, caused erosion of the rear control arms, causing the left rear arm to break under normal driving conditions, at 130,000 km.

O-ring underneath the fuel injector swelled up several times, forcing the injector off of its seat, and allowing fuel to pass unrestricted, causing a flooding and no start condition.

Have had intermittent check engine light since new, no problems have ever been found. Most likely a wiring connection fault.

Camshaft end seal has been replaced 3 times, due to oil leaking through behind the cam gear.

General Comments:

This car has been a great unit from day one. Very little trouble, and with routine maintenance, has cost virtually nothing to keep running.

The interior is quite comfortable, even for someone like myself, who is 6'5" tall.

Seats could be slightly more supportive.

Having lived out its useful service life as a daily driver, this car has recently been converted to a stock-class ice racing vehicle. Still running fine, uses very little fuel, even in race conditions.

Definitely a good purchase as a first car, or for anyone needing a cheap, reliable commuter car.

I would recommend these cars to anyone.

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Review Date: 18th November, 2002

8th Apr 2006, 23:55

There was never any such thing as a Geo Sprint; this review belongs on the Chevrolet Sprint page.

14th Jul 2006, 18:41

Also, there never was a 1989 Sprint-it was replaced by the Metro for 1989 (they both were identical to the Suzuki Swift.)

1986 Geo Sprint Plus 1.0 from North America


Durable little workhorse!


Altenator caught fire.

Front and rear brakes.

A/C compressor went out, had to be replaced.

Rear defrost doesn't work that well anymore.

General Comments:

I really don't know how this little engine is still going so strong like it is. When I bought this car I expected it to maybe last around 90,000 to 100,000 miles and I expected nothing else from it. I followed the maintenance schedule that came with the car and it has never let me down or failed to start.

The A/C going out in the dead of summer wasn't the best thing, but for a 15 year old car I'm not going to complain about that one bit.

The paint is faded and the body has some dings but she has been the most reliable car I've ever owned and when the day comes and she is retired I will miss her greatly.

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Review Date: 19th November, 2000

1986 Geo Sprint Plus 1.0 from North America


You can't win races in this one!!!!!!


Spark plugs over and over again.

A/C condensor busted, A/C compressor broke, took forever to get it fixed.

Rear brakes.

General Comments:

This car is OK but at times it drives me CRAZY, it can't keep up with traffic no matter what you do, I mean to the floor you get nothing, no performance whatsoever. I mean don't get me wrong, this car has never broke down on me but the slowness is really starting to get to me, it's pretty bad when a Yugo can outrun you.

Another thing is you can't find parts for this car anymore, it's like General Motors just forgot that it ever produced the Sprint at all, last time I took it in to Chevy for a service one of the guys there was like "What is that?". I mean how embarassing for me. I will be glad when I get my taxes back and I can buy a new car.

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Review Date: 21st September, 2000

18th Nov 2002, 23:21

Believe it or not, you can actually win races with these little, underpowered cars.

I use mine in ice racing here in the north, and I have to say, it won its first race out, on studded street tires, with no engine modifications.

The only modifications to the car, are the addition of an approved 6-point roll cage, and a 200 watt, 4 speaker stereo system.

Happy motoring.

27th Feb 2004, 11:37

How can Yugo's beat you? They don't even run. 0-60 in probably 5h 15m 34s.

29th Apr 2006, 20:38

Your car must be a CHEVROLET and not a GEO, because I know there was never such a thing as a Geo Sprint; and the Geo marque was launched for 1989, while yours is a 1986. The Chevrolet Sprint, Geo Metro, and Chevrolet Metro were all identical to the Suzuki Swift, by the way.