1968 GMC 1/2 Ton 1500 305E V6 from North America


After purchasing the truck, I drove it across the United States (MT to NY) without any problems.


The right front wheel bearing needed replacing, and the left front only needed repacking.

The drive shaft carrier bearing was replaced.

The engine had some valve train noise. However, after adjusting the tappets this cleared up.

The hazard lights' switch was stuck in the "on" position. I replaced it with a more modern switch.

General Comments:

The truck rides very well, compared to other trucks of the same era. The leaf spring rear and independent coil front provide a comfortable, but truck-like response to bumps.

Handling is predictable, and definitely adequate for a truck.

The truck has manual drum brakes which offer good stopping power, however after longer periods of use down hills, they do fade slightly.

This truck has a fairly rare engine option for 1968. The big block 305E V6 offers 142Hp (net) @ 3800rpms and 260ft-lbs (net) @ 1600rpms. This is hardly a performance engine, however it is a very good truck engine.

The transmission was a NP-435-GA, 4-speed manual. I upgraded to a SM-465, 4-speed. Then I added an overdrive, or splitter transmission to the 4-speed. The truck with a 3.90 ratio rear will cruise at 75mph.

The exhaust has been changed from a dual 2" into a single 2" tailpipe to a dual 2-1/4" into a single 3" tailpipe.

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Review Date: 8th February, 2005