1998 GMC Envoy standard 4.3 liter from North America


I think it's a great vehicle and would recommend it to any one who is looking to buy a smaller SUV


I first replaced the driver side lower ball joint.

Then I had to replace the driver side head light. (You're probably thinking that I that it was cheap, but this vehicle is equipped with the High Intensity Discharge which in turn cost me $600, labor included.

Then I had to replace the front passenger hub assembly.

General Comments:

This is an sweet vehicle. I am very pleased with GM on my Envoy. I wouldn't trade this for any of it's competitors, not saying any names like the Ford Explorer.

This is the first year GMC came out with the Envoy. Cadillac was suppose to manufacture this vehicle, but they just waited another year for the Escalade to come out. This was also the first SUV to have the HID lighting (High Intensity Discharge) which are not cheap at all.

It has the 4.3 liter vortec engine which is a V-6. It's no V-8 but it still has plenty of power. The gas mileage isn't that great, it is about 14-16 in the city and about 18-20 on the highway. Keep in mind that this is an SUV so lower fuel economy should be expectable.

I am a college student that moved away from home so me and my fiance use it to travel back home a lot and it is a pretty smooth ride. It has plenty of space in the back for our luggage and pets.

I have also used it to tow a Honda accord 450 miles with no problems. My friend just paid me for the gas because it used more than it did going to pick up the car, which you can also expect when towing or hauling a heavy load. It is also equipped with air shocks in the back (which are auto-leveling) so when you have a load that weighs down your back end it won't lower the ride height.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 20th March, 2006