1984 GMC Jimmy 2.8L from North America


Over all it's a nice car, great for off-roading. it has quite a bit of power too


I had to replace the ECM and the Carburetor. also I replaced the muffler.

Put a 6 inch lift on it and got new mud bogger tires. paint black.

General Comments:


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Review Date: 31st October, 2005

1984 GMC Jimmy K1500 6.2 NA diesel from North America


Inexpensive, reliable, simple, low power with potential for more.


Replaced glowplugs.

Replaced glow relay.

Replaced glow controller.

Replaced radiator.

Replaced U-joints.

Reinforced power steering pump bracket, which broke, probably due to normal diesel vibration.

Electrical switches are giving up and will need to be replaced.

Dash lights are entirely unreliable, sometimes on, sometimes off.

Windshield is broken. I won't repair it until I get a warning, as these darn windshields break if the right sized bug hits them. HATE the windshield on these trucks!

General Comments:

I specifically searched out this vehicle. Needed a dependable, naturally aspirated diesel, 4x4, with some good cargo capacity, but without towing capacity. As soon as I bought this truck, I installed a 4" lift kit, 35" all terrain tires, and then went hunting.

Lots of people dislike the GM 6.2, but I've had few problems. I suspect that the rest of the drivetrain is weaker than the engine. Only 140 hp though, so it can be a (sick) dog on hills. I get pretty good fuel economy, once having gotten 25 mpg, though it was a concerted effort. I suspect that I regularly get 18 mpg. I usually drive in "D", but when I get on the freeway, I'll shift to "OD". Road noise at 80mph is hardly noticeable. Big tires make for a bouncy ride at slow speed, but always within control.

Tune ups? Change the oil, filter, and wiper blades.

Replacement parts can be high for diesels. I find that it's best to buy Delco parts, as some aftermarket manufactured parts are inferior; glow system parts in particular. If my current glow controller goes out again while I own this truck, I will save my money, and just wire up a momentary switch to actuate the glow system. Without the glow system working properly, (long enough duration and repeated cycles), the diesel is a bear to start when cold (<40f).

The 6.2na engine in this truck will drive through a thermo nuclear pulse without stuttering. Everything is mechanical. No computer.

This is a non catalytic engine, meaning that it has minimal necessary pollution controls.

There are many ways to improve the performance of these engines, from non-egr intake manifolds, to headers, to turbos. Lots of resources on the internet.

I'm looking to get rid of this truck soon, as I now find a need for a tow vehicle. If it existed, I would buy a civilian 1 1/4 ton Chevy truck of the same vintage, with a Banks turbo, 5 speed manual, and AC. Unfortunately, such a vehicle does not exist, so I will probably get a Ford F350 standard cab 4x4, with a 7.3na diesel and a 5 speed.

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Review Date: 15th April, 2004