1990 GMC Jimmy 350 FI from North America


In a nutshell, a great truck for outdoor types, not for driving around town


Before I'm not sure, but since I've had it, this is whats been replaced that's worth mentioning.

Transfer case - 167,000km.

Tranny - 175,000km.

Repacked front bearings - 240,000km.

Rad and engine cooler - 250,000km.

General Comments:

With that being said, this truck has been through a lot. This truck was a B.C. truck and the owner who first bought it (I am 2nd owner) used this truck for a daily driver, but on weekends would go off-roading and rock climbing in this truck, so I can't blame the truck that the tranny and transfer case went.

This truck has been very good to me, never broke down on me without giving a warning to have it serviced.

Rust is an issue on these trucks if they're not undercoated every year, and I've had to replace the floor pans, fenders and some body work on the doors. Since then it's been undercoated every winter.

4x4 works awesome. Never got stuck with it, and I've been on ice in the winter to go ice fishing, through countless washed out bush trails for hunting.

The engine (350ci) is very reliable and still does not burn oil or any problems with it, and it's at 270,000km+

The ride is rough, so don't expect a nice ride through gravel roads or even paved if there are slight potholes. That being said, the suspension on this truck is leafsprings in the back and in front.

Great truck for towing heavy loads as the suspension is built heavy duty, only weak part in the drive train is the U joint as my Father uses the truck to tow his 28 foot boat, and has had the U joint replaced twice in the past 2 summers hes used it. But the rest of the truck takes it like it was nothing. It does have posi in the rear and a solid front axle, so this thing is great for off-roading.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2009