2003 GMC Jimmy SLS 4 Door 4.3 from North America


Good truck


After 2 weeks the check engine light turned on for a problem with the cap of the gas tank; 68,000km.

Recently I had to replace the thermostat; 85,000km.

General Comments:

This SUV is good, but takes a lot a fuel to run.

I'm running around 200 km a week, and it costs me 60$ in gas.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Don't Know

Review Date: 30th December, 2007

28th Oct 2010, 15:35

I bought my 2003 Jimmy SLS 4x4 new.. it took some time to break in the motor, but once I hit 65 000 kms and changed out the U Joints (the factory ones were very tight), I started getting much better mileage (it also makes a huge difference to use cruise when at all possible, an increase of 60-80kms per tank). I replaced the brakes and rear rotors at 78 000kms. I have taken meticulous care of this truck, have only ever had to make minor repairs due to regular wear and tear, and I love this truck more than any man I've ever known ;)

To date I have 229 472 kms on it, and it's as powerful as ever, and is in immaculate condition.. I have used it in the mountains, climbing straight up some very sketchy roads, and it never lets me down.

I wouldn't tow anything with it unless the transmission upgrade is installed. My brother in law has the 2000 Blazer, basically the same vehicle, and it's still running hard too with 156 000kms on it. Both trucks drive some really rough roads regularly, and continue to fire up even in minus 40... in Alberta there are many Jimmys/Blazers everywhere you look, because they do the job, and I will be driving mine for at least another 7 years!!!