2005 GMC Jimmy 4WHD from North America


I think this SUV is going to cost me lots in the near future


Thermostat had to be replaced at 15,000.

A/C compressor had to be replaced at 32,000.

Front rotors and rear rotors had to be machined at 20,000.

Where the rear seat blots to the floor salt and water from the road was getting into the Jimmy at 10,000.

Shaking at speeds of 100-110...recommended fix is new front tires as the mechanic says the BELTS are shifting at 32,000klm's.

Clunks and grinds that can't be heard by the dealership!

General Comments:

I am concerned about the shaking at 100-110klm's, I replaced the tires, and that did not fix the problem, I would like to hear from anyone that is having the same problem. lay@rogers.com.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2007

11th Nov 2010, 20:25

It's probably universal joints; they usually don't make a clunking sound at this wear point, most repair shops have to hear that clunk to be convinced; been there, and against the tech's advice, changed them. Solved the problem.

7th Jul 2013, 20:42

It's interesting how the dealers can't always hear what most are scared to hear... Working as designed gives me the chills!

2005 GMC Jimmy SLS 4.3 vortec from North America


Good SUV



General Comments:

This 4.3L has tons of power. I just got the truck about 6 months ago. Lots of low end torque. Good 4 wheel drive. Great off-road because of the short wheel base too. 2 door. It's a little bouncy on ruff roads, but that's to be expected with this truck.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2006