13th Dec 2006, 05:32

Two friends of mine have a 1996 Jimmy and a 1996 Blazer. All they do is put money into these things. They both say to avoid them like the plague.

Look at Consumer Reports, they're junk trucks. Get a Jeep if you want to go offroad and get a Honda/Toyota/Ford/or anything else if you want something more reliable.

11th Feb 2007, 12:49

I have a 1996 GMC Jimmy with 160,000 miles and it's a total piece of crap!!! I have had nothing, but problems since the day I bought it!!! I have ea family of mechanics and they recomend never purchasing a jimmy!!!

3rd Mar 2007, 16:07

My GM Jimmy is a poorly designed vehicle. The problems never seem to end. If you are considering buying a Jimmy, you are making a mistake. Talk to someone who owned one. I am waiting to meet someone who has not had a list of problems with a mid-size Jimmy. I really do understand nothing lasts forever. I will never own one again. My next SUV will be a Toyota. People who own a Toyota claim they are reliable. They also say they will buy another one. I wish I could say the same for the GM Jimmy. It is no wonder the American car makers are broke. Look at the mileage the foreign vehicles have on them. It really is common sense.

8th Jun 2007, 14:16

I have a 96 Jimmy and am very sad to be getting rid of it. It has 180,000 miles on it and still runs fairly well. I have had problems with freeze out plugs going out, replaced the radiator, fuel pump and water pump... and that's it! I think that's pretty good for such an old truck. At 180,000, I'm beginning to think I'm on borrowed time and need to get something new. I'm hoping to find something that will go and go like my Jimmy.

29th Jun 2007, 00:32

Hey guys, I got to admit I was scared to buy mine for 2500 when I saw it had 230,000 miles on it. So far I've wrecked it. And it cost only 400 bucks to pull the frame out 2 an 1/2 inches. Bought some new tires for two hundred and other the the minor maintenance, I've had no problems. Now I'm at 274,000 and going strong.

14th Aug 2007, 18:13

I bought a '96 Jimmy in Dec 2005. I had nothing but problems. However I am getting through them. Whats left to fix? Hmmmm, let me see; ball joints are worn, and steering wheel had 4 inches of play on it. Brakes have been replaced, shoes and all. AND they still make a noise. Its heavy on gas; could do with a tune. My Jimmy refuses to go over 110k per hour. Is this right? It should go faster than this... The air con is just mildly cold. The battery lasts 5 minutes, then I need a jump start... This has already had a new engine block and rad.

I cannot afford anything else... what should I do? Please keep it real.

6th Oct 2007, 14:52

I am reasonably pleased with my 1996 GMC Jimmy SLT that I bought in 1998 when it just came off contract with a mileage of 42000, so I've had this vehicle for 9 years of its 11 to 12 year life.

I am surprised by some of the mileage here, as mine has more than the 167000 miles, so I know I can get more out of it.

I've had a few issues over the years; the A/C stopped working in 2001 when I still lived in Kansas City, but I didn't bother to repair it as I do not need it here in Seattle.

My CD stopped working, but I do not know when and it may need a cleaning - I don't listen to CDs in my Jimmy anyway.

In 1999, some fluid was getting into my drive train, but I had that fixed for about $600 US and replaced the alternator 3 times (the last 2 were free because of warranty).

I had an accident in 2003 from icy road conditions, and I thought it was totalled, but I managed to drove it home after it was towed out of the ditch. Instead of totalling it, the insurance company paid about $12000 to repair all the extensive damage. I still don't believe I was able to get it home in the condition it was in, and I would have rather taken the money and bought another vehicle. After repairs, it was as great as ever.

I replaced the tires on it and the brakes, but I would expect that over the years.

Just recently, my coolant gasket needs replacing, but there is a kit for that.

I keep very good care of this vehicle with its 3000 mile oil changes and lubed joints. Some of the issues that I had were out of my control.

Now if I was asked if I would buy another Jimmy, the answer would be no for 2 reasons, they don't make them anymore and I just want to drive something different, but not a reflection of the vehicle itself.

16th Nov 2007, 06:25

We own a 1996 Jimmy GMC. We bought the jimmy used in 2005. We have a local and very dependable neighborhood Mechanic who has a business for his self that we take all our vehicle's to. We have taken our jimmy to the shop two time's to have the heater and air-conditioner repaired and our mechanic flushes the system, but can do no more. He say's that there is engine dust in the engine and system and it would cost more than the vehicles worth.

29th Jan 2008, 09:25

I own a 1996 Jimmy 2Dr 4X4. I bought it new, and it currently has 173K miles on it. I have had several major problems with it: at about 50K miles, I had to replace the heater core... lost a speed sensor at 100K miles... had to replace the radiator at 125K miles (coolant lines broke inside, mixing transmission fluid with radiator fluid), after 150K miles, I've replaced the alternator and water pump, ball joints, and just recently I had to have a 'new' transmission installed.

I've driven this truck hard. Long highway miles at speed, towing a full-size car hauler and car... tons of stop and go traffic (I live in the DC area)...and 10 years' worth of driving in sand at the Outer Banks, NC. Considering how I've driven it, I think it's held up very well.

Sure, stuff has broken. I was especially surprised by the heater core; I've owned 4 GM trucks and this is the first time that's happened to me. Still, I love this truck. Most of the stuff I've had to replace comes with the territory of owning a truck this long. I look at it this way -- if I average the cost of repairs per year and divide by 12, it still comes out cheaper than a car/truck payment for a newer vehicle.

I recently put a K&N FIPK and a JBA exhaust system on the Jimmy, and have a ported throttle body and new (replacement) MFI fuel metering body/injector set coming in the mail. The FIPK and exhaust improved performance significantly, and I can't wait to get those old 'poppet valve' injectors swapped out.

If I WERE in the market for another truck, I'd by GM again.

18th Feb 2008, 16:51

I have 144,000 km on my 1996 GMC Jimmy SLT. I have had to replace all of the normal wear items like brakes ball joints ect. Also replaced the alternator and fuel injector assm. This truck is one of my favorites. I am installing a supercharger on my truck for a little extra towing power.

The AWD is great on snow and ice. Nice and warm inside the cab even with -45 Deg winters here in Manitoba. I think a lot of the negative comments I have read are from folks who do not do regular maintenance. And expect things to last with out regular normal care.

17th Mar 2008, 11:14

I have a 1996 GMC Jimmy with most of the extras. Overall I like the truck. But I am getting some really weird body noise. When I pull out of the driveway, and one wheel goes over the curb before the other, there is a loud metal popping sound underneath. The steering is not loose, and I don't feel the popping noise in the steering wheel. It's in the floor board through my feet. Any ideas???

7th Apr 2011, 10:19

I agree totally. I have had some problems with my Jimmy, but what 1996 vehicle is going to be perfect and smooth running? 15 years through harsh Canadian weather is tough on anything.

I love my Jimmy, I feel more secure and comfortable in it then I have in any of my other vehicles. You could buy a 5 year old vehicle and think you bought a piece of gold, just to find out you still have to put money into it to maintain it.

All vehicles have problems, that's why there is so many companies making more.

8th Oct 2011, 19:38

Can you explain how you hit at house at 60 MPH..

just curious..