1970 GMC Pickup 1500 5.7L 350 V8 from North America


Excellent work vehicle and easy to maintain


The center support bearing seized at about 91000 miles.

The stock bench seat that came in my truck has to be one of the most uncomfortable seats made! It's OK for short trips, but for long ones, things tend to get uncomfortable. Loads of leg room though!

The stock 3 speed manual transmission in my truck tends to bind up sometimes. Most times though, it's only a minor annoyance. Luckily it's an easy fix as well.

Original steering wheel cracked underneath. CHECK THOROUGHLY!

General Comments:

One of the pluses about the 1967-1972 GM/Chevy trucks are that they are EASY to work on!

Saw a review at this site on a 1972 Chevy C/10, and the reviewer said that one of the weaknesses in these trucks is the coil spring rear suspension, and how they couldn't haul heavy loads. I would have to disagree! I have the 1/2 ton (1500) GM model (GM/Chevy trucks very similar) and this truck never fails to impress me with how much weight the truck can haul!

Overall, these trucks are very solid vehicles. Not much can go wrong, with a 2 ton block of metal! Parts on these vehicles almost seem crudely put together. Very basic. That's great though as it means easy to fix. To me, this is how a truck should be, a real hard worker. No frilly gadgets like power windows, door locks, leather seats, and all the doodads that are found on trucks these days! These trucks can haul loads no sweat.

If you intend to buy one of these trucks, LOOK FOR RUST! Rocker panels get hit hard on these trucks. Also look for cracks in the steering wheel. The original steering wheels tend to crack underneath. If the truck is in good shape, don't worry too much about rust, as there are still parts available for these trucks all over the place.

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Review Date: 5th September, 2002

30th Oct 2002, 10:19

You're right on regarding the hauling capacity. I have the 1967 C10 fleet side and I only use this truck for hauling. I do allot of landscaping and have hauled many dozens of loads of gravel, dirt, sand, rocks, boulders, mulch, and road base. I will pack this thing full of anything. I do however, love my original bench seat. The seat springs are like sitting on an old bed, which I find very comfortable.