1977 GMC Pickup Sierra Grande 15 from North America


It has the durability missing from the new GM trucks


The truck had leaking valve cover gaskets and needed a tune up when I bought it.

The radiator was leaking and was cheaper to replace it than repair it. At that time I replaced the hoses, thermostat, and water pump.

The starter and alternator have been replaced as well as the battery and cables.

Everything else has been routine maintenance.

General Comments:

This truck was made to work. I once hauled seven engines in the back for a friend and the truck was as powerful as when it was empty. I have driven on many rough roads and the truck still rides and drives good.

These trucks have one problem though. Rust. The door hinges are rusting out, but I found a pair of doors from a later (80's) model truck with no rust for $50.

GM has had many quality control issues with their current trucks and would do better producing these again. This truck has never let me down once.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2002

14th Jun 2003, 22:28

I have owned the 1977 GM 3/4 ton Sierra for 6 years. I have done routine maintenance: Tune-ups, oil changes and chassis lube. I added over-load springs and changed the carburetor to an Edelbrock direct replacement from a Holley, because of a CA smog potential issue.

It runs very good with the new carb, and I can smoke the rear tires. But the Holley carb seemed to be more to my liking.

At first, on start-up, the exhaust would produce grey smoke until it warmed up. I changed to a heavier grade oil along with an oil conditioner, and that cleared-up the problem. I tightened the valve covers and I have not had an oil leak in 6 years.

I have recently driven it from Northern CA to Southern CA without any problems. I like that it has a high capacity for loads and towing. I know there is no escaping the physics of energy consumption under heavy loads, i.e. 12 MPG. I am willing to pay this price for the reliability and availability of said energy.

I will eventually restore this truck and hand it down to my kid.

15th Jul 2009, 12:42

GM does not have the courage to build real trucks anymore. Shame!