1986 GMC Pickup Sierra Classic C 3500 Crew cab 6.2 diesel, Banks turbo from Germany


When duallie tires spin, you have enough power


At 250 000 km I had to replace the engine, caused on the turbo charger.

An alternator, a starter, break hoses, hoses to the oil coolers. Front shocks.

General Comments:

I bought that Canadian truck with a knocking engine, but fine running.

After 35 000 km the engine took 1 litre oil for 300 km, so I replaced it in '99. I found out, that the seventh cylinder acted as an oil pump.

The Banks Turbo was adjusted too high for that engine (the truck had 230 HP).

One step lower is perfect for a long life and still offers more than enough power.

The truck is driven daily for six years now, and I'm glad it's a TRUCK, not a car-like wannabetruck.

Gas mileage is OK for a 5 ton truck.

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Review Date: 10th December, 2001