1988 GMC Pickup Sierra 3500 454 from North America


The biggest mistake of my life!


When I first purchased the truck at approximately 55,000 miles, the idle was too fast and unable to be adjusted slower. I discovered that the fuel injection body had defective leaking gaskets.

The fuel pump became inoperable at approximately 57,000 miles. This required the fuel tank to be removed to replace the fuel pump.

The transmission failed at approximately 61,000 miles.

The bottom of the radiator blew-out shortly after the transmission problem? Never heard of such a thing happening before. There was much metal corrosion at the failed area.

The alternator windings became loose. While stopped at a stop light, I heard a clunk sound and the engine locked-up. The loose internal parts of the alternator had jammed which caused the engine to stop turning.

At approximately 70,000 miles, again while stopped at a stop signal, I heard a loud bang sound. The crankshaft pulley had broken loose from the crankshaft, and again I never heard of such a problem! The pulley had developed fractures connecting each of the three bolt holes until finally it broke-off. The three bolts remaining on the crankshaft were very tight. It would appear that loose bolts were not the cause of the pulley cracking.

At approximately 83,000 miles, the engine water pump began leaking and required replacement.

At approximately 85,000 miles, the most forward of the drive-shaft universal joints suffered crumbled bearings. Strange, since I always kept them greased!

The windshield wiper mechanism always sounded like it was about to seize-up. Also, it only operate on low speed and the washer pump was inoperative.

The radio/tape player mechanism was frozen.

The original paint seemed to have a continuous problem with chipping. It appears that the paint wasn't sticking to the primer coat. I've seen other identical Sierra Pickup trucks with the exact same problem.

General Comments:

This truck has lots of power, considering the gas guzzling 454 c.i. V-8 @ 6 mpg around town: 8 mpg highway.

It was a very comfortable truck with the custom seats, very quiet and with good insulation.

Since most of my use of this truck was out-of-town, each break-down situation was a major problem for me. I completely lost confidence with this truck and got rid of it cheap!

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Review Date: 26th April, 2004

10th May 2004, 19:42

I forgot to mention other major problems:

1. Rear wheel seals leaked oil onto the brake shoes.

2. Rear overload springs both broke.

3. Bolts on both left and right exhaust manifolds broke causing both gaskets to leak, and with the resulting noise. Had to drill-out broken bolts and install Heli-Coils.

4. Accessory bracket bolts broke causing mis-alignment of serpentine belt. Belt kept flipping off the pulleys. Again, had to remove the bracket, drill the broken bolts, and install Heli-Coils.

I was ready to blow-up the truck!!

1988 GMC Pickup 5.7L from North America


Biggest Waste Of Money I Ever Spent


I have replaced the engine twice. The transmission had to be replaced. Radiator had to be replaced. Almost the whole truck has been reworked.

General Comments:

The truck is very unreliable, the engine lacks some serious power I'm getting smoked by three cylinder Sprints. It costs me a arm and leg to afford fuel. The engine and transmission is very weak and will not stand up to any abuse. The frame hangs so low don't be using this truck to do any off-road work or you will be walking home. Finally the seat is really uncomfortable. My old 1986 Ford F-150 4x4 would have embarrassed this truck in every aspect, power, handling, dependability, off-road I'm very disapointed in this truck and will never buy one again.

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Review Date: 24th June, 2003