1986 GMC Rally Van 3/4 ton 5.7L 350 SBC from North America


Reliable, solid workhorse. Built like a tank


I bought it from the 2nd owner; it was pretty well maintained.

They had done some maintenance stuff like new tires, alternator, and battery.

Since owning it, I have had zero problems at all with it. It always starts every time and gets me to work.

At one point I did a tune-up, changed the transmission fluid, differential fluid, and the fuel filter / air filter, as well as an oil change. If you do that every 25000km or so, these vans will run forever.

There is some body rust on the lower panels; pretty common with these vans. The frame is still very solid.

A/C does not work. To be expected; the van is almost 30 years old.

The front end has started to make noises over speed bumps etc... Will have to get that checked out soon.

General Comments:

These are very, very reliable vans, which is the reason you still see tons of contractors, businesses, etc... still using these old G-series vans.

They are prone to rust on the side rocker panels and the floors near the rear wheel wells, especially in the northeast where salt is applied on the roads.

Driving one of these vans isn't too bad; they are powerful, pretty spacious inside, decent turning radius for a big van, and not too bad to park if you are a good driver. The view of road is good, but I recommend blind spot checkers for the side view mirrors.

The interior is far from luxurious; this is a pretty utilitarian type of van. The gauges are very dimly lit, as most older Chevys are. Who needs them anyways More importantly, the van works very well and is very reliable.

All of the doors are very solid, all steel handles, everything, and open/shut very well. Real steel bumpers too; this is not a flimsy plastic car.

If you are looking for a cheap to purchase, cheap to own, easy to fix, reliable workhorse, these vans are a great choice. A bit lacking in the "luxury" department though, as most good work trucks are.

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Review Date: 12th January, 2015

13th Jun 2015, 23:29

How is the temperature gauge on this van? The one I'm looking at seems to overheat when you first start it, then it levels off as normal when you drive for a bit. Any ideas? Thanks.