1992 GMC Safari 4.3L from North America


Love it, if it were not such a gas guzzler, I would buy another


Starter went at 220000, fixed myself easily, $200, didn't even have to jack up the van.

Temperature sensor went at 180000, fixed myself not so easily, $30, hoses in the way, took time to flush coolant.

Fan for heater/AC went at 180000, fixed easily myself, $100, front left corner 4 bolts.

Broke starter in ignition. User error. Didn't fix, ran switched power straight to starter, $10, I'm a cheap bugger.

Seats wear badly at 180000, but I think that's due to the moist climate.

Excessive brake wear on the front brakes.

Temperature sensor went again at 230000, didn't fix.

General Comments:

Love the van, the engine is indestructible. I would trust it to drive me to the moon and back.

I treated the van poorly, rarely did I change the oil in the last 140000kms. I changed the belt once and didn't flush any of the other fluids, but the van just keeps on going. I drove it up mountains. 40+ degrees BC interior, -60 northern BC. and never had a problem over heating or not starting in the cold.

I wish wish wish they made these with a diesel engine, I would drive no other vehicle.

Lacks the kind of power I expect from a 6 cyl.

Highway gas mileage is OK, but very poor in the city maybe 12city/18hwy.

Coolest minivan on the market (if you can even say minivans are cool).

Not very easy to work on, good for me, I had no engine work needed.

Brakes wear out at a alarming rate.

Fiberglass leaf springs, WTF. Mine never went, but have started to splinter.

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Review Date: 7th November, 2009

1992 GMC Safari SLE 4.3 V6 from North America


The best vehicle I've ever owned


Door locks, cruise control, AC, casette player, premature rust on front chrome bumper, driver door hinge pin loose, black accent paint around windows peeling,

General Comments:

The engine and transmission are very reliable. Handles great - steers like a car around turns, never feels top heavy like a full size van. Strong V6 engine gets good consistent gas mileage with electronic over drive on highway. ABS anti lock braking system is great in snow, rain, ice. I highly recommend this vehicle. Change the engine oil every 3000 miles and service transmission oil/filter every 30,000 and it will last forever. Engine and transmission are original - expect to drive it until 300,000 miles without major repairs.

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Review Date: 21st November, 2006

1992 GMC Safari xt 4.6 gas from North America


Awesome vehicle, buy a hundred!!


Central locking intermittent.

Door handles broken almost annually.

Alternator dies every 2 years.

Blue smoke from exhaust on start.

Heater fan died.

Stabilizer arms cracked resulting in uneven wear of front tire tread.

In the rain the windshield wipers will stay on by themselves even when switched off, not an issue in the rain.

General Comments:

I have used this van extensively, I love it and I am currently buying another. I've already purchased a 2004 model for the wife and I am getting another now for me. The 1992 model was an earlier model, but sure is a workhorse. I have had only a few problems with starting in -40 (c) even with it NOT plugged in. It can haul a lot of cargo and the highway cruising is great. I personally can't see how others have such problems with a vehicle that is so good that I am now buying my fourth, guess that I am just lucky. I plan to give it to my nephew for him to drive and work on, and I am sure that he will make it to 500,000km!

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Review Date: 19th October, 2006

1992 GMC Safari XL ? from North America


It's a tank that can handle the road.


Difficulties with the vehicle include:

Gage Lights went out.

Replaced headlights several times.

Front Seats starting to tear.

Motor in seat went out.

Handle to center console broke off.

Driver's door handle falls off.

Gas tank hinges to car rusted, gas door flips open.

Starter went out right after I purchased the vehicle.

General Comments:

Although everything listed above that's gone "wrong" with the vehicle, it's very reliable in bad weather conditions. My seats are comfortable, and everything on the Safari has been easy to change. They're a fun to-do project. Also, the Safari is good for a first-time driver, they're unable to accelerate quickly.

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Review Date: 30th October, 2004