1998 GMC Safari from North America


I love them and I hate them


Owned 2 Astros and 2 Safaris - A love/hate relationship. By running the first model to death over 200k, I learned with future ones that they all have had similar problems around the same time or mileage. I bought them all used and ran them all till they died. I would buy one again.

1. Front brakes wear out fast. Have to change them pretty much once a year.

2. Power windows get stuck - getting drive thru food is embarrassing.

3. Wiper motors die. Of course you don't know till it's raining/snowing.

4. Electronic locks stopped locking all doors. Side left unlocked.

5. Never had one where the A/C worked - never fixed it.

6. Front tires wear out - not blaming GM - maybe they don't make tires like they used to.

7. THE BIGGEST ISSUE. I have replaced the fan motor (heat) twice in my recent 1998 Safari and once in each of the other models. Of course it happens when it is 20 degrees out.

8. Idler arms of course.

9. Stabilizer bars are broken I'm told on current one (98 Safari).

10. Paint flaking.

11. Rust - expected - but with the current one more so than others.

12. Rear water leak around the latches at the top, leaking into the back (double door - lift window rear type).

13. Door locks - key won't work.

14. A few other things I can't think of right now.

General Comments:

I love them and I hate them. I would buy another and wish they still made them. I buy them used and run them till I give up on repairing and have them towed away. Usually around 200k. My current one is falling 50k short. Maybe it was built on a Monday.

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Review Date: 4th October, 2014

1998 GMC Safari SLE (AWD) 4.3 V6 from North America


A very good minivan


Replaced water pump at 95,000 and again at 115,000 (aftermarket) and front brake lines at 120,000.

General Comments:

Lack of front leg room. This van has been a very reliable and is very roomy. Drives nice and ours is AWD and in Erie, Pa. it handled a lot of snow and ice better than my 4wd truck. Take the back 2 seats out and you have a lot of room, although the seats are heavy. Great engine, but gas mileage is less than most minivans. We would recommend this van.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2007

1998 GMC Safari from North America


Roomy and power, but with few defects


Transmission between 1 and 2 gears, kicks, slips.

Licking from differential, even gasket changed, still.

Wears badly the door handler inside, driver side.

Engine stalls for a second, computer doesn't get it.

Engine stalls, seems when hot weather.

Vibration underneath, much more evident at 100 Km/hr.

Air fan inside slips very often.

Air fan outputs are killers when air conditioner on.

When rains water accumulates in the floor, inside.

Rust in the right side of the lifting door in the back.

General Comments:

It' s nice car, roomy and I love the sliding door.

Love the back lifting door separated by the lower one.

Smooth driving over long distances.

Has power and is nice to drive.

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Review Date: 24th August, 2007

1998 GMC Safari SLE 4.3 vortec from North America


Great vehicle performance wise and looks


Have not had any major problems. Couple little things that was done by a previous "mechanic'. wouldn't start in the rain. They broke the distributor housing when installing a new cap and never told anyone. But overall great van.

General Comments:

This makes the 3rd Gm van. We had 2 astros prior and no real complaints. Bought this 98 Safari AWD and really happy with it.

Were looking into a newer caravan and could have got a much newer one with lower miles for what we paid for this, but did not want a "disposable' caravan. I would continue buying astro / Safari vans.

Gas mileage isn't great, but then again it is a truck not a mini van!

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Review Date: 3rd December, 2005