2000 GMC Safari LT 4.3 from North America


Largest mini van. Reliable engine, but the ride is rough


Transmission was replaced at 475 miles. (WOW right)?

Brake pads require replacement often.

Rear shoes replaced only once, but require adjustment often.

Both power door lock solenoids have been replaced.

The alternator was replaced at 79,000 miles for noisy bearing. Idler pulley was replaced at same time, but wasn't the problem.

The fan clutch was replaced at 84,655 miles.

A/C fan blower has sucked in empty grocery bags now twice, requiring disassembly to remove.

Rear limited slip differential is extremely noisy. Am told that bearing wear is probably the culprit. Unit had its oil changed now twice with GM limited slip additive both times.

The A/C compressor is now noisy, and probably going to go out soon.

Side entrance door shakes when moving. Think upper nylon busing needs replaced.

Constantly reattaching interior plastic pieces. The leather seats have stayed perfect. The electric seats still work perfect.

General Comments:

Very reliable, and no other vehicle can comfortably seat 7 passengers and pull a camper. We tried renting an Excursion and found it not as roomy, but the ride was more comfortable. The Excursion we rented was also very weak on power and the transmission was slipping during towing.

Vehicle has been perfect other than noise and of course the tranny replacement one month after purchase. LOL.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2009

20th Apr 2009, 15:30

The ride is rough because the Astro/Safari vans are the only minivans out there built on a truck chassis. So of course, it rides and handles like a truck. But it is worth it (for me at least) because the heavy-duty chassis makes it much more durable and versatile (as far as towing and stuff). As a trade off for this durability you have to sacrifice a bit in the way of ride handling.

2000 GMC Safari from North America


A good friend


The van seems to love to eat front brake pads. If you decide to purchase a Safari, remember that it will need a front brake job every 20,000 miles.

The van will also eat front tires until you get it aligned by a professional. After the alignment you will get normal wear from the tires.

(Barn doors only) The rear barn door handle has broken three times. They are a little pricey at the dealer. I have found that an Astro handle will work if you run across one in a salvage yard.

My Safari decided to have major repairs around 90,000 miles. I had my local mechanic replace wheel bearings, alternator, belts, hoses, plugs, shocks, front and back brakes (1st time for the backs) and other assorted odds and ends. The bill was $2900 (US)

The a/c is starting to get weak. The air compressor and evap will need to be replaced soon. That will be $700 (us)

General Comments:

My negatives would have you believe that my Safari has been trouble. That assumption would be far from the truth. $3660 at one time for 90,000 miles of carefree driving has been awesome. The van has hauled kids, friends, lumber, groceries, and a boat with rear wheel drive authority.

It is a shame that GM has ended the run on the Safari and Astro, they have been good friends to a lot of owners.

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

2000 GMC Safari SLE V6 from North America


Weak brakes, but a solid buy, if you've got the money


-Brakes were quite weak from about 35,000 kilometres on, and are currently in the process of being replaced by the dealer.

-Van is very heavy, and you pretty much have to start breaking half a block before hitting the light or intersection; but this pretty much ties in with the above comment.

-One of the seatbelt covers cracked prematurely.

General Comments:

-Besides these little problems, the van has been great. Runs very well, and can seat eight people with relative ease.

-Leather seats are very comfortable, and add a touch of class to the vehicle.

-Rather large gas tank (95 litres?), which means you can go about three weeks between fill-ups; but when you do need to fill up, it can be costly.

-Audio system is surprisingly good.

-The dash layout is very good, and easy to read; all controls are very accessible.

-As previously mentioned, the van is a big load, so making tight turns is often not a good idea.

-Above-average acceleration for a big car.

-Lots of space for cargo.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2002