2003 GMC Safari AWD from North America


This van is is the worst vehicle I have ever owned, by far


Left front wheel bearing replaced at approximately 60,000 km, and was replaced under warranty..

After the warranty period, the left and right front bearings failed again.

Fuel pump failed at 244000 km.

Ignition failed suddenly at 230000 km while driving.

The heater did not heat well from the time the van was new. Heater motor was replaced at approx 100,000 km.

At least four heater resistors failed until the heater motor was finally changed by an independent garage. This solved the problems, so it seems the heater motor was the cause of the resistor failures.

The heater will not function on high speed, as the heating wiring harness is burned from electrical burning from the original heater motor.

CD player and tape player failed at approx 90,000 km.

Drivers side passenger window shattered suddenly without a known cause.

Left and right stabilizer components replaced at approx 150.000 km.

Electric door locks failed after approximately two years.

Electric mirrors failed to operate after approximately 3 years.

Headlights would not turn on after approximately 3 years, and this required replacement of a wiring harness in the steering column due to a broken wire.

Gas consumption is approximately 13 liters/100 km, which makes it costly to drive.

Middle and rear seats are very awkward and heavy to remove and replace.

General Comments:

This van has been an unreliable and expensive lemon in my opinion. Other cars that I have owned have been Toyota, so the contrast is magnified because of the outstanding reliability I experienced with Toyota vehicles.

I will never purchase another GM product as a result of this experience.

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Review Date: 1st December, 2010

5th Dec 2010, 23:09

I disagree with your review. This is actually one of the best vans ever made.

If your car has over 250k, expect some problems and maintenance, it's a machine and none are invincible.

These are actually the highest rated minivan with the highest resale value, they sell for at least double or triple what a comparable Ford or Chrysler van will sell for.

Astro/Safari vans run to 300k-400k usually, they are far from unreliable.

A Ford Windstar rarely makes it to 200k, Dodge Caravans have transmission problems, a Honda Oddysey is guaranteed to need at least 1 or 2 transmissions, and the Nissan Quest is prone to electric problems.

The only other decent van is the Toyota Sienna, if you can afford one, they are quite overpriced usually.