1991 GMC Sierra SLX 5.7L from North America


One of the best 1/2 tons ever built


Radiator, heater core, rear brake line, IACV; nothing serious.

General Comments:

Bought the truck for $2000 from a dealer when I bought a small acreage as a work/chore vehicle. Started using it regularly a couple years in, as I began to love it so much.

A few things have gone wrong, but they are always dirt cheap to fix. It was a pig on fuel, but I upgraded the exhaust and intake, and now it's reasonable for an older pickup.

Hauls anything within reason and goes anywhere; the posi rear end helps a lot. We started calling it Truck Norris as it never quits and can take a decent beating.

If you're thinking about buying one of these, do it.

Air bags would be a nice addition, and remember to change your fuel filter often.

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Review Date: 23rd November, 2014

1991 GMC Sierra SLE 6.2L diesel from North America


A great platform to build a street/off-road truck or a performance street/strip truck


Transmission went at 440,000km.

Replaced exhaust at 442,000km with custom 3"

444,000 replaced heater control box (Digital)

Replaced Radiator 445,000.

General Comments:

I get about 800km to a tank in the city and 1000+ on the highway.

For the amount KM on the truck it has only a little rust on the cab corners and everything else is very solid.

It handles decent, acceleration is fairly slow with the diesel, but I am willing to give up acceleration for the mileage!

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Review Date: 14th December, 2003

1991 GMC Sierra SLE 5.7 from North America


Good all around vehicle with few problems and good performance for a pickup


Exhaust rotted off at 90,000.

Alternator and battery at 92,000.

Needs a valve cover gasket which I haven't gotten around to fixing at 105,000.

General Comments:

Has good acceleration and a fairly comfortable ride. Very quiet in the cab.

Four wheel drive works excellent. I tow a 17 foot ski boat with no problems. Truck is a 1500 with a 350 and 5 speed standard transmission.

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Review Date: 25th November, 2001

28th Oct 2004, 07:57

I have a 91 GMC Sierra 4.3 5-speed; it has 193,000 miles on it. This trucks burns no oil, the only parts I had to replace was differential seal where drive shaft enters differential, and universals in rear drive shaft, (original u-joints). The 4-wheel drive work terrific, overall the truck is the best vehicle I've owned.

Jeff, Ohio.