1994 GMC Sierra SL 4.3L V6 TBI from North America


A reliable work horse, like a rock


In 2 years of ownership:

One head light was weak. Changed for bright night hawks. $60/pair.

Thought I might as well replace rear light bulbs as well. $20. About 30 minutes.

Ran a bit rough, so I changed fuel filter, spark plugs, distributor cap & rotor, and plug wires. After this, it ran very smooth with a bit more power. $140.

I broke the PCV breather hose when replacing the spark plugs. $8. About hour 30 minutes.

Minor rear pinion seal leak. I replaced it anyway. Easy fix $20.

Since I did a tune up, might as well replace coolant (rad & block) and thermostat. $70. I use Regular glycol (green). About 1 hour.

Rattling sound underneath. I had a shop change the catalytic converter, and replaced a section of pipe that had a kink. $700.

At the same time, replaced the rear tires with new ones. Front were still good $240. About 3 hours labour, including arrival of parts.

The windshield got cracked when big trucks were passing on the gravel roads. The shop replaced with a new one $250. About 1 hour.

Had a small tear in driver side of bench. I sewed it up and put a bench seat cover on. $30. About 15 minutes.

Interior dash and back window trim was rattling at higher speeds. Removing the back window trim removed most of it, but still coming from the center part of dash.

The AM radio has terrible reception. Only 4 stations are clear. No radio fits in the same slot. If I wanted an FM radio, then I have to put it on top of the dash. I didn't bother. I don't listen to the radio much anyway.

Some one tried to break in to the driver's side door with a screwdriver. I bought a used door handle at a wrecker with working key. $10. About 40 minutes. Removing the door handle was a pain. It required using a drill bit to drill out the rivets holding the door handle in place. Reinstalled with screws. I wish GM would use Phillip's or Robertson screws instead.

All the above I consider regular maintenance. Little things that come with age. Nothing that I can say has gone wrong, except for the lousy interior.

General Comments:

It is a full size truck. 1994 GMC Sierra 1500 LS model, regular cab, 2 wheel drive with 8 ft box. It was a basic work truck with 5 spd manual, manual windows, locks, mirrors, no A/C, no air bags, and ABS brakes.

The truck is powerful for a V6. It has lots of power from 1st gear to 3rd gear. In 4th gear the power drops a bit, and the OD is not much. I only use over drive for flat steady highway driving at 60-70 mph. Lower than that, 4th gear is used.

It is quite comfortable smooth ride with the bench seat. Long drives are not a problem. It is even better with a load in the bed. I am 6ft 2". There is plenty of room to fit someone tall like a giraffe, to about 6ft 7".

It could do 50mph going up long 12% grades empty. The 3.9L V6 midsize 2001 Dodge Dakota I used to have could not do better than about 37 mph up the same hill.

The GMC truck had the 5 speed manual: 1st gear: up to 20 mph, 2nd: up to 30 mph, 3rd: up to 44 mph, 4th: up to 55 mph, 5th cruises nicely at 70 mph.

Fuel economy wasn't great. About 13 mpg in town and 16 mpg on the highway. About 15 mpg on mixed driving in town and highway. It burns about about the same (1-2 mpg -/+) as the 5.7l 350 V8. The 4.3L V6 is basically a 350 with 2 cylinder cut off.

Other than fuel economy, it was a great engine. Very reliable. My friend works as a courier and has a 94 Chevy Astro van with 380,000. It still runs well. Never rebuilt. Regular maintenance the key.

The 4.3 is still being produced in the in 2wd 2011 GM trucks. It has a cast iron block and head, with SOHC, timing chain, no VVT, or AFM.

The 8ft bed had lots of room to carry gravel, plywood, tools, furniture, and to carry the ATV, Skidoo.

The GMC was rated to carry 1000 pounds in the bed. It easily carried more. Never towed with it, but it can do 5000 lbs max towing. With a full load in the bed, it easily got around town in 3rd or 4th gear on highway.

With about the same load, the mid size Dodge Dakota would stay in 2nd majority of the time. A pathetic dog it was. Fuel economy for it was about 11-12 mpg in town empty.

For the 2 years that I had the GMC, I really liked it. Solid engine and drive train. It was very simple and quick to fix with the TBI, toilet bowl injection xD. I would definitely buy another GMT400 series C/K truck, but with the 350 V8 next time.

Nothing wrong with the 4.3L, just too close to the 5.7L in fuel economy.

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Review Date: 11th September, 2011

30th Dec 2011, 18:57

Interesting, after my Sierra was totalled I got a 00 Dakota 3.9 manual 2wd. I find it is a lot more peppy than the 5.7 V8, and haven't had as many problems as I did with the GMC. Still like the Sierras, just don't like the MPG (Dakota isn't any better, you're right) and lots of noise with little power.

1994 GMC Sierra SLT Extended Cab 4x4 5.7 V8 from North America


Nice looking, all around decent truck


Starter motor bolts both broke off in the block, and had to be drilled out and replaced.

Starter would jam every few weeks, solenoid probably needed cleaned up. I just got someone to turn the key while I gave it a good whack instead.

Truck had been used for pulling horses before I got it, which probably weakened one of the leafs in the back. One broke and dug into the tire, causing it to blow. $300 for a new tire, and $200 for a new leaf.

Not great gas mileage, but it's a 350 engined truck, no surprise there!

AM radio didn't pick up very well, fan (for heater) didn't blow very hard, and the headlights didn't illuminate very well. Minor niggles that are fairly common to the model/generation.

Ride was a bit rough.

General Comments:

I enjoyed this truck while I had it, bought it for occasional hauling of motorcycles and building materials, did both well. Power leather seats were very nice, as was the overhead console and buckets with middle console. Never needed a drinks tray, as there were eight cup holders in the thing; five more than the number of people it would comfortably handle.

The only thing I didn't like about the truck was the mileage, can't remember what I figured the mpg out to be, but it wasn't great. Also, there wasn't all that much performance to be had from the stock motor, even with a throttle body lifter.

I was only able to put a few thousand miles on the truck before someone ran a red light and caused $8400 worth of damage. I probably wouldn't buy another one; like the way they look, but not the performance or mileage.

Also, the 4x4 manual shift always worked great. I like the stick better than the push button, as I've had problems with the push button in previous trucks.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2010

1994 GMC Sierra SLE 5.7 350 cu.i from North America


Very good trucks


General maintenance; tune-up cap, rotor, plugs and wires. Coolant and transmission flush. Had the cab corners replaced because they were rusting. Now the truck is in almost mint condition, and I love the truck.

General Comments:

Good trucks. I will not buy Ford or Dodge. GMC-Chevrolet all the way!!

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Review Date: 5th August, 2009

1994 GMC Sierra SLT 5.7L V8 from North America


Good for working and very tough


Oxygen sensor failed at 51.000.

Bearings in rear end failed at 40.000.

Exhaust rust caused the muffler to fail at 65.000.

General Comments:

Great sized bed; even with a toolbox I can still fit a couch and table, and still get the tailgate closed.

Accelerates well and brakes well, but the handling though corners is not great; under steer and over steer is very bad.

Running cost, not including gas, is very good, but at 11 MPG U.S. that bumps it down.

General strength of vehicle is very good; has been in two accidents and survived both, as well as being used for daily driving though rain, snow, ice. etc.

Engine is very strong with regular maintenance. It should last far into hundreds of thousands of miles.

Air conditioning and heater work very well.

Radio not so much, even with new speakers.

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Review Date: 9th December, 2008