1996 GMC Sierra 2500 5.7 from North America


It has a good performance


It was a good running truck. I was surprised at the power it had.

Then after about 2 months of owning it, it started to act up. If I was to start it up and then shut it off, the next day it wouldn't start. It would flood itself out, and I would let it sit for a while and go back, and it would fire right up. Then about 4 months ago I started it, moved it and shut it off, and couldn't get it to start back up until today. I don't have any clue on why it did it, but it is a good running, strong motor.

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Review Date: 29th March, 2015

1996 GMC Sierra 3500 SX 6.5L turbo diesel from North America




- 4 injection pumps

- transmission ($3k or so to fix)

- power steering pump

- various front end components (ball joint, steering linkage)

- front brake cylinder

- transfer case 4wd sending switch

- front hub 4wd engagement solenoid.

General Comments:

This is a beautiful looking truck. It's a 1 ton crew cab with all the options. Very nice to drive, very smooth for a 1 ton. However, it eats parts and $$ like there's no tomorrow. I'm never going to own another vehicle that is newer than 1992.

The electronic injection pump on this truck failed 3 times in 100,000km. Luckily it was under an extended warranty until 190,000kms. The last one only made it about 12,000kms.

The 4l80e transmission is supposed to be good, but I guess by "good" they mean expensive and manages to make it 180,000kms. Not good in my book.

If it was just a few things it wouldn't be too bad, but every time I touch the thing something fails. I'm afraid to drive it!

In short I'm very unimpressed. We also have a Toyota Corolla with 390,000kms on it that has had 1/10th the amount of work done to it.

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Review Date: 17th October, 2006

1st Jun 2009, 01:59

Well the 6.5 liter engine was probably the worst engine GM put out. Or the worst diesel engine in general. I own a 1998 Dodge Ram 2500 with a Cummins turbo diesel. This truck has just rolled 400k and still runs as good as new. And I work the heck out of it, but maintain it religiously as you should with any vehicle.

I have a friend who once owned a 1995 Ram Cummins that had over 700k on the original motor, and still ran great. If you want a real diesel truck, then you definitely can't go wrong with a Cummins.