2000 GMC Sierra SLE 4.8 Vortec from North America


The Sierra is a finely engineered, solid pick-up


Although I have had this truck a short while, I have had absolutely no problems with it.

General Comments:

The Sierra is a very comfortable truck. I recently took it on a 600 mile trip, with new tires on it. It rode like a dream.

The interior is car-like, with very comfortable seats. The lumbar supports help with long trips.

The Sierra handles very nicely on the rode and in town.

The 4.8 liter Vortec has plenty of power. I made 20 mpg on the recent trip on Interstate highways and two lane highways.

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Review Date: 18th March, 2006

15th May 2006, 21:26

We'll wait and see what you say 3 years from now when you have part ownership of the GMC dealership.

2000 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3 from North America


Love my truck!


4WD dashboard switch replaced in 2002.

General Comments:

Coolest truck I've owned.

Regular cab sport side black. Really no problems, and he pulls a heavy horse trailer fairly often.

Drover others, Ford, Dodge, Toyota, bought this truck for performance, ride, and handling.

Damn Happy!

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

2000 GMC Sierra SLE 4.8 gas from North America


A great truck!


Valve clatter from 10,000km.

Popping noise in front end, on hard braking and quick starts, at 28,000km.

Brakes get hard/ABS at very low speed braking. I have to get off the brakes then on hard to stop, at 30,000km. If someone has experienced this as well, please let me know.

General Comments:

This truck is very fast and comfortable.

In the wet or dry it is tough to keep rear end from coming around on you.

Transmission shifts up to early. I started to notice this more when I replaced the exhaust system earlier this year.

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Review Date: 24th October, 2004

2000 GMC Sierra 5.3 gas from North America


Good if GM would recall all the engineering flaws they sold us for $32,000+ dollars


The left front wheel bearing went at 20000 Km causing the ABS system to act unpredictable, due to the wheel speed sensor being part of the bearing assembly. GM would not warranty this because they said that this happened due to off road abuse even though the truck had never been off road other than gravel roads to hunting camp. The rear end self destructed at 50,000 Km for no real reason. Since I have had this truck this is the only repair that was warrantied by GM. The U-joints (all 4) went at 60,000Km, but I guess that is normal wear. The right front wheel bearing went at about 65,000Km causing the ABS system to act up again. Also I have failed to mention that these bearings are extremely expensive. I had fuel pump failure at 70,000Km for no reason, (this is another very expensive part). Both of my power windows broke at 72,000 and 75,000 Km I hear this is very common, and expensive. The 4-wheel drive switch has worked when it wants to since new, (unfortunately it never failed to work when I tried to get it fixed under warranty). The radio works great, but all of the lights on it quit long ago. The power mirrors and their heated feature only worked for the first year or so.

General Comments:

As much as I have complained about this truck, I have owned other brands and they are all the same US or imported, they are all built horribly, but believe it or not this has been the least troublesome of many I have owned. Too bad none of the big auto makers will stand behind their products.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2004

2000 GMC Sierra SLT 5.3 from North America


Get the extended warranty


In the last four and one half years my.

Sierra has had the following problems:

1. Driver side seat cushion is.

Worn and torn. The rest of the.

Leather interior is fine.

2. Back passenger window seal.

Leaks air when closed.

3. The air cleaner indicator.

That is located under the hood can.

No longer be reset.

4. The hood release latch in.

The interior of the cab is broken.

5. The climate control fan.

Inside the cab does not work.

6. Passenger side seatbelt.

Stays "tight" once the vehicle.


7. There are lights on the.

Instrument panel that are not.

Working. The lights on the radio.

Buttons 2, 5, Tape/Aux and AM/FM;

The right side light of the.

Cassette chamber; the buttons of.

The instrument panel that designate.

The fresh air, re-circulated air.

And the AC; the window controls and.

The power lock control on the.

Driver side door.

8. The truck's higher pitch.

Horn no longer works.

9. All the gears in the differential.

Had to be replaced at 39,000 miles.

General Comments:

General Motors was willing to replace the parts of the differential, but I had to pay for the labor to the dealer, which came out to about $400.00.

The remainder of the "problems" are my responsibility because of the mileage of the vehicle at the time of "malfunction".

With the exception of the above mentioned items, the vehicle has worked well. At this time, I'm thankful I haven't had any other "major" engine or drive train problems.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

5th Oct 2010, 01:43

Well if those are the worst of your problems, you got yourself a good truck.

My 2000 Sierra has had no problems to date and my dads 07 Raider has already had a bad power steering pump and ball joint issues. He would love to have a seatbel tbeing too tight issue.