2001 GMC Sierra SLE Z71 5.3 from North America


So far, it has exceeded my expectations


Normal maintenance only. Still have the original brake linings on the truck.

General Comments:

Plenty of power. When I test drove it, I thought the engine was a lot bigger than a 5.3.

Excellent fuel mileage for a truck of this type.

Good rear seating room when compared to a Ford.

It was just an accident that I came across this vehicle as I was going to buy a Ford. Some poor soul had to sell it with 2500 miles on it because he was ill. It was my good fortune. Next truck, I will check out GM first.

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Review Date: 29th October, 2007

22nd Apr 2010, 23:54

Well be careful choosing a GM in the future. 2001/02 were their best models.

12th Jul 2010, 14:16

I have 95,000 miles on my Sierra. It's been a very good reliable truck. I have done regular fluid and filter changes over the years, I'm on the third set of tires and I have replaced the in-tank fuel pump. It still shines like new.

2001 GMC Sierra LS 5.3 from North America


Mechanically good, paint and corrosion resistance is terrible


Slip yoke replaced under warranty.

Corrosion behind front and rear bumpers - dealer would not repair.

Corrosion along inside of all 4 door seams as a result of missing seam sealer from factory. Despite the fact that the vehicle was only 2 1/2 years old (but 39,000 miles), GM customer service would not pay for the repair. They did agree to pay for half of the repair (so with dealer mark up - it probably didn't cost them anything). After two more years - all the paint has bubbled again and the rust is showing through.

Chassis undercoat has peeled and chassis has a lot of surface rust.

Front wheel speed sensors failed at 70,000 miles - causing problems with ABS.

Paint is extremely thin and very vulnerable to scratching.

The "Normal" piston slap on start up - from about 28,000 miles.

General Comments:

Despite the poor paint and corrosion problems, the truck has been mechanically very reliable and is very comfortable.

It has enough power for normal driving and tows my 8,000lb boat fairly well. 285 hp should feel better than this though.

15.5 mpg average, 18 mpg highway.

It still drives almost the way it did when it was new.

I would ideally like to keep it to 200,000 miles - but the corrosion problems have me seriously concerned.

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Review Date: 23rd January, 2006

2001 GMC Sierra SLE 5.3L from North America


Highly recommended, tons of power and fun, and ultra reliable!


Nothing has gone wrong with this truck. No mechanical issues, quirks, rattles, or complaints.

Recall on the tailgate cables, which was fixed in 20 minutes for free. This was more preventative then imperative.

General Comments:

I love this truck! It seriously hauls! The 5.3L V8 is enjoyably powerful and smokes anything that has challenged me. What I have towed with it was a piece of cake and took no effort for the truck. I've only put synthetic and premium fuel in it, as did the previous owner. Not a single issue. Adding a Volant cold air box and Flowmaster exhaust, it's a dream to drive and hear. I previously had a Chevy S-10 with 296,000 miles on the original drive train, and I'm confident this truck could last just as long. I have had ultra reliability with GM vehicles and recommend to everyone compared to the horror stories with my Ford Mustang.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2005

2001 GMC Sierra SLE 8.1L from North America


It is a piece of number 2!


I had the transfer case go out at about 15000 miles.

I've had the 2 pit men arms replaced about 4-5 times. I fact the dealer told me they won't do that job for me anymore.

It's fouled out the spark plugs about twice a year.

Now my front drivers wheel hub is developing a lot of play and its not like the old type where I can just replace the bearings. It seams that it will be a very high priced item I need to have done.

The new trucks are junk compared to the older trucks.

I sold a 1980 4x4,454ci to get this trick, what a mistake!

My 8 yr old son can push in the side panels, yet I could punch the 1980 and not even see where.

Why have they (gm) done this to us?!

We need good solid trucks not tin can money pit pieces of junk.

I run to and from the sand dunes with a hude cab over camper and loaded trailer doing 90-100 mls hr.

I can't afford to have these stupid problems gm forces us to deal with.

I've always said ford meant fix or repair daily, well guess what. Its my gm that's under that saying now.

What a piece of #2!

General Comments:

Don't buy a new truck.

Get a used redone older truck fr less and you will get twice the truck.

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Review Date: 31st October, 2004

24th Sep 2005, 00:54

Did you mention sand dunes? Most of your problem could be caused from driving in sand. Your correct, newer trucks are more complex and expensive to maintain, but to play (in sand), one must pay! Hauling a camper at 90 to 100mph is also very hard on your power train. Torque required to pull the vehicle through the air at those speeds is very high and constant. Also, what's your tire size? I'll bet it's larger then stock with pitman arm failures.