2009 GMC Sierra 5.3 from North America


Very well built truck


Nothing has gone wrong as of yet.

General Comments:

I am very impressed so far with my GMC. The truck handles very well and it is a very comfortable truck to drive.

The 5.3 moves the truck easily and the 6 speed auto keeps your RPMs low on the highway, saving you some fuel, and it also has a manual shift mode, which is great.

Also I got the optional locking rear diff, which is very nice to have up in Canada, as we get lots of snow.

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Review Date: 25th October, 2009

31st Jan 2010, 15:08

I'm the original poster of the review. The truck now has 7000k on it and no problems. I've used the 4x4 a lot lately in snow, and it works great. Only real complaint is that the stock Goodyears are garbage, but no big deal really.

One easy thing I found to do to this truck is to remove the lowest portion of the front valance just below the fog lights; just remove the 2 bolts in the corners and it just pops off. Almost makes the truck look like you have a leveling kit, and no more worries of ripping it off going through snow or whatever.

2009 GMC Sierra SLT 6.0L from North America




Just purchased this truck, and at 200 miles the 6.0L engine developed strange noises. Sounds like the muffler is loose when cold starting, goes away at about 15 seconds. The engine sounds great when cold, but has lifter noise when hot at idle. Dealer says drive it at least 1000 miles before they take a look.

General Comments:

Love the truck other than the engine noise.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2009

7th Jul 2013, 20:48

Is GM treating their faithful better? I read it as you've got a 50% chance of getting a truck that doesn't break after you sign for it.

7th Jul 2013, 20:51

Hmm, come back in a 1000 miles!? Let the games begin!