2016 GMC Sierra Elevation Edition 5.3 liter from North America


Great Truck!!!


Nothing has broken or required dealer attention. Though there is an intermittent issue with the radio screen either not working (completely black) or satellite radio not working.

General Comments:

I have experienced no mechanical issues with this truck. I have the 4x4 5.3 liter, 6 speed transmission with 3.42 rear. Currently I am getting about 19 MPG, that's mostly highway miles, as I commute over 100 miles a day to and from work. My truck is comfortable and quiet, but when you put your foot on the gas, she will move and move quickly.

The only negative is the touchscreen display. GMC calls it the GMC Intellink. Maybe once a month or once every other month, I'll get in the car and upon start the screen will just be black. Only thing you can do is turn the car off, and leave it off for about 5 minutes, then it should be working again. Also, the satellite radio doesn't work sometimes, same frequency as the Intellink. Again, turn the vehicle off and leave it off for a few, then it'll work again.

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Review Date: 19th December, 2016

14th Apr 2017, 09:56

So I am the original poster. Just wanted to give an update. I have no issues with the vehicle still. And I figured out the issue with the radio. As long as when I park, I hit the "lock door" button twice to activate the alarm and honk the horn, the radio is fine. Apparently, that allows the vehicle to delete the cache, which clears out any potential issues.