27th Oct 2001, 08:25

I have an 85 Sierra Classic, and I have rebuilt the whole body and interior. This truck is amazing... it is a beautiful make and my favorite out of all the trucks. My only complaint is that the gas tanks are in bad positions and there is a bit of interior noise (wind).


24th Aug 2002, 23:31

I have a 1987 Sierra and these trucks are great! They are very tough and reliable, and can carry anything you can put in them.

9th Dec 2002, 15:09

I have a 1983 and I would have to agree, except for the bad paint job someone did on it. I'm amazed that for as old as it is it's rust free. It's just too bad the one I have only has the in-line 6 cylinder, it could really use an 8-cylinder.

17th Feb 2003, 09:42

Fun Powerful truck, make sure not to get the converted diesel to gasoline. I've had to replace the engine twice, replace radiator, steering pump, steering box, and more. Repairs are cheap, but they are numerous and cause much downtime. If you consider this truck be ready for a few repairs.

6th Sep 2003, 23:07

It's a powerful truck that demands respect from other vehicles.I've supercharged the engine and now it's a real muscle truck. However it still contains its original look.I've had many offers from interested buyers, but I wouldn't give up this truck for anything in the world.


24th Aug 2004, 12:59

I own a 1983 Sierra Classic, for the past three years it has never given me a day of trouble. With a fresh small block and a great paint and body job it is the envy of all in my small home town.

2nd Oct 2004, 18:02

I have a 1983 Sierra 1 Ton 454 automatic. This truck has never given me any trouble. I think these old trucks have excellent reliability and when extra power and torque is needed, this truck delivers. This truck has a very decent body for its age. I hope I never have to let it go.

The Viking.

19th Feb 2005, 21:39

I own a 6.2L 1983 Sierra Classic. It's got over 250K miles and still runs strong with the original engine. It occasionally gives me a bit of trouble, but has never broken down (save for dead batteries here and there) which is quite a feat considering the amount I work it: hauling, towing, etc.

6th Jul 2005, 13:22

My neighbor has a 1983 GMC Sierra with a 5.0 V-8, it has well over 140,000 miles and is the best truck hes ever owned.

26th May 2009, 17:25

I'm interested in buying a 1983 GMC sierra sometime soon when I finally get my license I live in Canada (Ontario). Does any one know where I could pick up one in good shape?

22nd Oct 2010, 11:00

I own a 1983 Sierra Classic, and besides the transfer case I had to rebuild, it is by far the best truck I have ever owned. Long trips on the highway are awesome to take in this truck. Besides the wind noise inside the cab, the ride is smooth and it passes other drivers on the road like they ain't even there. Love this truck, and would recommend this truck to anyone who is looking for a good looking, great running, solid and reliable machine.