1991 GMC Sonoma SLX 4.3 V6 gasoline from North America


Fun to drive with great handling and power!


Usual maintenance. Replaced front end components in 2016.

Electronic ignition module seems to "time out" and must be replaced periodically.

In really hot weather, the throttle body injection system can get vapour lock, making it harder to restart.

Had to replace an axle in the rear due to cracking on the splines and excessive wear.

Rear fenders can be especially susceptible to rust.

General Comments:

Features a Geitrag 5 speed transmission (same as on BMWs) with a Hurst Shifter package.

When I obtained the truck, the transmission was exceedingly noisy. Seems the first models needed some buffer between the 4.3 and the transmission to prevent "burning out" the front end of the transmission. With a little research, I determined there was a "secret" warranty to fix this problem. I took the truck to a local dealer to approve the fix and ended up with a new transmission with the fix! No cost to myself except the time!

Despite the mileage, it is a strong performer with decent fuel mileage. I have beat Porsches off the stop line at intersections and can be several hundred yards ahead of the pack before others catch up to me. Gotta obey those speed limits!

Did a partial restoration on the body couple years ago to bring it back like new. Used a polyurethane jet black paint to give it a deep as a pond like finish. Run BF Goodrich truck radials on American Racing rims.

My mechanic describes it as a "pretty little truck" with lots of attitude! It is a single cab, bucket seats, long box with posi differential and era correct aluminum cap over the box.

Hope to start exhibiting it in car shows soon, now that it is over 25 years old. It is a keeper for sure.

Easy to keep this one on the road as parts, OEM, aftermarket, and used are plentiful and cheap since so many were produced and are seemingly still popular.

The small truck market where I reside is strong with few ever on the market, and the vehicles themselves commanding a good price due to desired acquisition.

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Review Date: 16th April, 2017

1991 GMC Sonoma SLE 4.3 TBI from North America


Best GM Truck I Have Ever Owned!!!


Tail Lights Shorted Out (Bad Ground) 95,000

Leak In Radiator Hose 96,000

Speedometer Won't Work When Damp Or Humid Outside

Brake Pads 97,000.

General Comments:

This truck has to be the best truck I have ever owned. It is a GMC Sonoma SLE Extended Cab with the 4.3 TBI Engine Automatic Trans (700R4). I picked up the Sonoma for 1,800 with only 95,000 original miles on it. I ran a car fax just to be sure that was true and it was. It has a maroon exterior with red interior. Paint is in perfect shape except for inside the bed, but I am putting in a spray in bed-liner anyway.

The truck runs great, the engine has a small clack knock type noise, but goes away when you push the gas. It is not loud and you can't even hear it with the windows up. The guy said it has been doing that since 40,000 miles and my old s-10 did that and I got almost 300,000 out of the engine. Engine runs great with good oil pressure, tran shifts great, AC is Ice Cold, and everything power works flawless. This truck has power like I have never seen in a small truck. You would think you had a small block. The 4.3 is based off a 350 with 2 cylinders shaved off so basically you almost do.

The only things I really had to do to this truck was brake pads, short in the brake lights, and a radiator hose, other than that this truck is perfect. If you buy a truck like this and you hear that noise from the engine don't worry about it, the engine will still go another 100,000 miles or more, some do it some don't. I feel this is a truck I can enjoy for several years, and even if something like a tran or engine goes, I know the owners of the local junkyard and they will cut me a deal.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2007