1991 GMC Sonoma SLE 4.3 TBI from North America


Best GM Truck I Have Ever Owned!!!


Tail Lights Shorted Out (Bad Ground) 95,000

Leak In Radiator Hose 96,000

Speedometer Won't Work When Damp Or Humid Outside

Brake Pads 97,000.

General Comments:

This truck has to be the best truck I have ever owned. It is a GMC Sonoma SLE Extended Cab with the 4.3 TBI Engine Automatic Trans (700R4). I picked up the Sonoma for 1,800 with only 95,000 original miles on it. I ran a car fax just to be sure that was true and it was. It has a maroon exterior with red interior. Paint is in perfect shape except for inside the bed, but I am putting in a spray in bed-liner anyway.

The truck runs great, the engine has a small clack knock type noise, but goes away when you push the gas. It is not loud and you can't even hear it with the windows up. The guy said it has been doing that since 40,000 miles and my old s-10 did that and I got almost 300,000 out of the engine. Engine runs great with good oil pressure, tran shifts great, AC is Ice Cold, and everything power works flawless. This truck has power like I have never seen in a small truck. You would think you had a small block. The 4.3 is based off a 350 with 2 cylinders shaved off so basically you almost do.

The only things I really had to do to this truck was brake pads, short in the brake lights, and a radiator hose, other than that this truck is perfect. If you buy a truck like this and you hear that noise from the engine don't worry about it, the engine will still go another 100,000 miles or more, some do it some don't. I feel this is a truck I can enjoy for several years, and even if something like a tran or engine goes, I know the owners of the local junkyard and they will cut me a deal.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2007

1991 GMC Sonoma SLE 4.3L from North America


Really robust medium size truck


The oxygen sensor in the manifold broke about 2 years ago, and rust made it difficult to repair. In fact I must change both parts (Manifold and sensor) but the truck is running fine just like it is.

I also had some problems with my transmission and rear differential, but nothing too serious. Other issues were regular wear and tear problems like the ball joints and the shocks.

The biggest problem I had with the truck is rust, and plenty of it. I've just repainted it, I had to replace the 2 rocker panels, my cab's corners, the 2 fenders in the front and in the rear. I also had to repair holes in the doors, hood and tail gate.

General Comments:

Great truck, I've been going through really rough trails and I never got stuck yet.

It's a powerful V6 engine, even though it has an automatic transmission.

I have really enjoyed driving this truck, in all types of weather and terrain.

If I had to buy a truck like this again, the only thing I would change is that I would buy one with a manual transmission. That would make this a perfect truck. :P.

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Review Date: 20th October, 2003

1991 GMC Sonoma SLE 4.3 TBI from North America


A very reliable and tough 4X4


It blows blue smoke when cold starting.

The Air Conditioning makes the engine run hotter.

The factory primer was faulty and caused the paint to chip and peel all over the truck.

General Comments:

I got this truck from my cousin for free and it was definatly a steal.

Ihave done some serious four-wheeling with this rig and it is very tough.

There have been a few slight mechanical defects through its life. The switch to turn the heater on does not work.

The door hinges wore out.

Like I mentioned before the paint has chipped beacuse of the faulty primer and cost mega $$$$ to fix.

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Review Date: 28th August, 2003

14th Jul 2005, 16:15

I have a red 1991 Sonoma SLE 4x4, 4.3 litre engine, automatic, extended cab. It has nearly 400,000 kilometres. I've had it seviced regularly and oil changed every 5,000 km. The engine is very good. I had to put a new transmission in at 140,000 km. It pulls my horse trailer with total weight (horse included of about 4,500 lbs.) Vehicle itself weighs about 5,300 lbs. or more. The paint has chipped in places, and there is some rust in the wheel wells. The computer read-out in the dash no longer works, and now it needs u-joints and ball-bearings etc. but it has been a fabulous little truck, and very reliable. I have taken good care of it though, and it is located on the West Coast.


13th Oct 2005, 06:52

Ten years ago the paint was on recall and was covered under warranty.

28th Oct 2006, 18:41

Hey I got a 1991 GMC Sonoma 4X4 Club cab and has black paint

I bought the truck for $750.00 did I do a good deal? the only thing wrong with it is that the dash lights have burnt out needs a new windshield two front tires and that's it besides that the truck RULES!!! I love the truck.