1985 GMC Suburban C10 Sierra Classic 350 (5.7L) V8 from North America


Comfort built into a tank, awesome


Most or all of these should be attributed to sever neglect before I bought it, and not the vehicle itself.

Headlight adjusters broke (fairly common)

Valve covers were leaking (Aftermarket chrome)

Exhaust leaks (Aftermarket headers)

Windshield wipers haven't worked from the start.

Heater core started leaking




Fan stopped blowing.

Drivers power window won't roll up without help.

Drivers rear power window only rolls down about 40%

Passengers rear window is intermittent from the front control.

Rear (cargo) door lock has unplugged itself twice.

Alternator stopped charging.

General Comments:

You can tell from most of whats listed above, a little bit of care in its life and most of those issues would have been avoided. I paid $700, so you get what you pay for.

I gave it a high rating for performance based on its size. You wouldn't want to run up against a sport model anything, but I don't have any trouble being cut off by the Japanese rice burners unless I feel like letting them. It keeps up neck and neck with my friends Nissan 200SX.

Reliability is a 10 based on having driven it for almost two years, and I haven't been stuck once, and that's a good mark on <$1000.

Comfort is again a 10. With its weight and long wheelbase it soaks up the road very well considering the stiff truck suspension. The front seats have the look and feel of a La-Z-Boy chair, there is plenty of room in front and to the sides to stretch your legs on longer drives, and all of the driving controls are within easy reach. The second row seat isn't shaped to fit the body much, but it makes up for it with thick soft padding. The third seat is much like a couch.

I can't say much for dealer service. I do my own work, and even when I do have to take it to a better equipped shop, I won't pay for a dealer.

Running cost is an 8, I have hardly had to buy anything for it, and that which I have has been dirt cheap. Everything about it is big, heavy and tough, so it is not likely to have to have any repairs made during normal use, and as SUV's go it gets great mileage. I get around 16mpg in town and 23mpg on the freeway.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 23rd February, 2007